Triple Cup Automatic Chicken Waterer by Dine-A-Chook


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Triple Cup Automatic Chicken Waterer Highlights
  • Commercial Grade Tank: Fits mains or gravity supply systems.
  • Sturdy Mounting Bracket: Aluminum with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.
  • Exclusive Drinker Fittings: Custom-made for Dine-A-Chook, Australian craftsmanship.
  • Genuine Lubing Cups: German quality with extra high-water floats.
  • Simple Water Connection: Compatible with 13mm hose or 1/2" threaded fittings.
  • Superior Hydration Capacity: Adequate for up to 30 chickens.
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Explore the Features and Benefits

Effortless Installation & Versatile Water Supply Options: Simplify your poultry care with the Triple Cup Automatic Chicken Waterer, which connects easily to either a mains pressure or a gravity water supply. This flexibility ensures a constant, clean water supply regardless of your setup preferences. Designed for ease, reliability, and the wellbeing of your poultry, including chickens, ducks, and other birds, making hydration effortless and consistent.

Key Features

Three Lubing Drinker Cups

Supports hydration for up to 24 chickens, ensuring all your birds have access to clean water without constant refills.

Algae and Mold Prevention

Keeps the water fresh and clean, preventing health hazards such as algae and mold buildup, which are common in stagnant water.

Contamination Resistance

Designed to prevent dirt, mud, and waste from contaminating the water supply, ensuring your birds drink only the cleanest water.

Leak-Proof Technology

Features a robust, leak-proof design that prevents any water spillage, keeping the coop floor dry and clean.

Self-Refilling Cups

Reduces the need for daily maintenance with self-refilling cups that maintain optimal water levels at all times.

Simple Setup Process

  • Connect to Water Source: Attach the system to your garden hose or water reservoir with the included nylon inlet valve and secure it with the provided clamp. This system is compatible with both mains pressure and gravity-fed water supplies.
  • Adjustable Mounting: Easily install the waterer using the included bracket, adjust the height according to your smallest bird, and place it in a shaded area to prevent the water from heating up.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: No specialized tools are required. Follow our straightforward guide to set up the system quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose the Triple Cup Waterer from Dine-A-Chook?

Manufactured in Australia to the highest standards, the Triple Cup Waterer from Dine-A-Chook not only simplifies the watering process but also ensures your poultry stays hydrated with clean, fresh water. Embrace innovation in poultry hydration technology with Dine-A-Chook, where we are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Header Tank Length:
364mm (14 Inches)
Header Tank width:
200mm (8 Inches)
Header Tank height:
250mm (10 Inches)
Waterer Capacity:
Approximately 3 Litres
Water Supply Compatibility:
Mains pressure or gravity feed systems
Number of Lubing Drinker Cups:
3 - System also available with Stainless Steel Nipples
Suitable For:
Chickens, ducks, and other poultry
Install in a shaded area to prevent water from heating up
3-year warranty on drinker components; 1-year on drinker cups and header tanks
High Water Level Option:
Includes additional floats for the Lubing Cups to adjust the water level higher if required

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FAQs: Understanding Your Dine-A-Chook Waterer

Will the waterer deteriorate if placed in the sun?

It is recommended to position the Dine-A-Chook waterer in a shaded area, not only to prolong the life of the tank but also to ensure the water remains cool and fresh for your poultry. Direct sunlight can heat the water and accelerate the degradation of the material.

How does the waterer automatically refill?

The Dine-A-Chook waterer is equipped with a horizontal ball valve system that automatically refills the water as it gets depleted, much like a toilet cistern. This ensures your poultry have a continuous supply of water without the need for daily manual refills.

Can I connect the waterer to a mains supply?

Yes, the Dine-A-Chook waterer can be connected directly to a tap, to the mains water supply, or to a garden hose, providing versatile installation options to suit your setup.

Will algae form in the tank?

The tank's material is designed to block UV rays, significantly inhibiting the growth of algae. This helps maintain the cleanliness of the water and reduces the frequency of required cleanings.

Do chickens need to activate the waterer?

No, the Dine-A-Chook waterer features upgraded floats in the drinker cups that automatically manage the water levels. Chickens do not need to press or peck at the floats to access water.

What does the warranty cover?

  • 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty: Applies to all drinker components manufactured by Dine-A-Chook.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Covers the Lubing Drinker Cups and Nipples, as well as the Mains Pressure Header Tanks.
Exclusions: The warranty does not cover colour loss, fading, or damage caused by rodents. Additionally, the warranty is void if the system components are installed incorrectly or used improperly.

Further terms and conditions apply. See our Warranty Information page for full details.

Should you have any issues with your Dine-A-Chook Chicken Waterer or need further assistance, please contact us.