Brooder Heat Plates

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    Chick Brooder Heater - 20 Watt - 30cm x 30cm

    Chick Brooder Heater - 20 Watt - 30cm x 30cm

    When you are raising baby chickens, 24-hour light and inescapable heat might be “natural” for a factory-farmed chicken. But for a backyard chicken or free range hen, these conditions are entirely artificial.  Naturally-raised chicks,...

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    Chick Plate Brooder - 13 Watt

    Chick Heat Plate Brooder - 13 Watt

    Keeping chicks warm is the most important part of raising chickens. Are you looking for the safest, most reliable way to heat your chicks? Look no further than a Chick Plate.    Chick Plates provide a more natural heat source for baby chicks...