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  • 6 Nipple Commercial Drinker Line

    6 Nipple Commercial Drinker Line

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  • Lubing Drinker Cup with Bracket

    Lubing Drinker Cup with Bracket

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  • Diatomaceous Earth - Bird and Poultry Grade - 4 kg

    Diatomaceous Earth - Bird and Poultry Grade - 4 kg

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  • Double Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker with Extension

    Double Outlet Lubing Cup Drinker with Extension

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  • Egg Incubator Lumia 8 Borotto with Bonus Dine a Chook Care Pack of Dried Mealworms and Mega Mineral Supplement

    Borotto Lumia 8 Egg Incubator

  • Egg Incubator Real 49 Plus Made by Borotto in Italy. Comes with a Dine a Chook care pack including Dried Mealworms and 25ml Mega Mineral Supplement

    Borotto REAL PLUS Automatic 49 Egg Incubator

  • ChickenGuard Locking Combi Premium includes door opener and locking coop door

    ChickenGuard Locking Combi Premium

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  • ChickenGuard Locking Combi Extreme includes automatic door opener and self-locking door

    ChickenGuard Locking Combi Extreme

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Proudly Supporting Australian Manufacturing

Our Chicken Feeder and Drinker* Parts are all manufactured in Brisbane Queensland, Australia We manufacture and dispatch all orders from our warehouse in Townsville North Queensland

Orders over $199*

Spend more than $199 and enjoy free delivery *Excludes bulk bird netting, Incubators, Chicken Guard Products and orders exceeding 7kg.

Unbeatable Guarantee

Dine a Chook Products are made to last! All Chicken Feeders and Drinkers come with a 3 year warranty. Conditions Apply

What makes Dine a Chook different

Experience personalised service As a family business, the most important thing to us is our customers. You are what makes Dine a Chook special. And that is why we offer personalised service to each and every one of you!

Access 1000s of free resources for backyard chicken keepers
Our mission is to provide solutions for backyard chicken keepers. That means sharing what we have learned in our 10+ years of chicken keeping. Access 1000s of resources for free and learn from us! We’ll help take the mess and hassle out of chicken keeping!

Support Australian jobs by buying Australian-made
We are an Australian-owned and -operated company that provides local jobs. Our Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders and Drinkers are manufactured in Brisbane and assembled by hand in our Townsville warehouse.

Keep your family safe
Unlike cheap, mass-produced imports, our feeders and drinkers are manufactured in Australia from Australian materials. The PVC we use is certified BPA- and lead-free, and our feeders and drinkers are free from glue and other contaminants. We are dedicated to protecting the health of your birds and your family. [read more]

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