About us

The Collaborative Story of Dine-A-Chook

It Started with Some Chooks

Hello there. Before I begin to tell you the story of Dine-A-Chook, let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan Biggin, founder of what is today Dine-A-Chook Australia. Alongside me is my wife, Kara Biggin.

Ryan and Kara Biggin - Owners of Dine-A-Chook

You know, it's incredible how time passes. Is it seriously that many years since 2009? That was to be a game-changing year for our family, and it all started with some chooks. After having back-and-forth chats, my wife and I decided to buy some backyard chooks. There was excitement and smiles in the Biggin home as the children came to know their backyard feathered friends. However, like most things you buy, we had only been told the good things about raising chickens.

We were not told about the downside. The wasted feed from the rain in Townsville, regular visits by rats, and chicken feeders that break down or decompose in the North Queensland sun. I was about to give up and throw my hands in the air. "Let's go back to buying eggs at the store; I've had enough," I exclaimed to my wife as I came in from the coop one afternoon.

That weekend we organized to have my Dad come over to lunch. My Dad is a retired mechanical engineer who, ironically, has no interest in chooks. So I was boring him discussing my frustrations over the hassle and mess chicken keeping was causing me. But as any good Dad does, he brought me back down to earth. "Ryan," he said, "the kids love them, mate." Dad was visibly upset. After lunch and before leaving, he asked me to show him the coop, then oddly asked for some chook feed, and without saying anything more, went home.

So now we have a devoted grandfather with an overactive engineer's mind, a shed full of tools, and nothing else better to do than save the chooks for the kids.

That's when Ryan and his dad decided to put their heads together and tackle the challenges they were facing with chicken keeping. Prototype after prototype appeared, most based on what was already available. Ryan's dad, with his engineering background, brought invaluable expertise to the table. They tried, tested, and modified, working through problem after problem. With their combined efforts, they changed their line of thought. At that moment, the entire backyard chicken feeder industry was about to be changed forever.

The rest was easy; the first foundation of Dine-A-Chook was set in place.

After a number of innovative changes in functionality and engineering, the modern Dine-A-Chook is loved by backyard chicken keepers around the world. Dine-A-Chook is now an established brand name in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. With distribution centers worldwide, including a warehouse in Solana Beach, California, we're able to serve customers efficiently across the globe. Put simply, over 50,000 backyard chicken keepers can't be wrong.

A Dine-A-Chook Feeder or Drinker is virtually indestructible. The Feeder is very cost-effective and 99.9% of the feed you put into it goes to your chooks.

So a couple of chooks changed our lives, and the lives of many families with backyard poultry. Since those early days, many other ideas have come to fruition and are being marketed under our registered brand name “Dine-A-Chook” 

If you have your own problems feeding your birds, whether they be in a small backyard coop or a commercial operation, we can help you. Sometimes it’s amazing what a mind not locked into the square can produce.

All our products are assembled by us, in Townsville, North Queensland, using quality materials, and are quality-controlled (by the old guy). For these reasons, we have no hesitation offering a 100% replacement guarantee. (Do not run over it with the tractor - ). (Note Nipples and Cups carry their own manufacturer’s warranty - Dine-A-Chook will cover these parts in line with their manufacturer's conditions).

Thanks for reading.

Ryan & Kara Biggin