Dine A Chook Large Chicken Feeder


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Are you tired of replacing your chicken treadle feeder? Do you have rats and mice in the chicken coop? Does your current feeder let costly feed get wet? You can relax now. The Dine a Chook Large Chicken Feeder addresses common backyard chicken keeping problems. It keeps feed dry, has no moving parts to break or seize up and keeps feed off the floor. 

Large Chicken Feeder design

  • Size: 4.7 Litre Chicken Feeder (720 mm tall)
  • Perfect for up to 8 birds
  • Patent rain cover and gutter system for a weather-proof feeding bay
  • Patent pending waste-reducing design stops feed ending up on the ground
  • Works effectively with commercial pellet and mash feeds
  • May help deter rodents and other pests by keeping feed off the floor
  • Built-in carry handle and lid hook
  • No glue or screws
  • 100 % industrial-grade ASA plastic - better than PVC - won't crack or become brittle
  • Australian manufactured parts
  • Comes with a free Mounting Kit

Dine a Chook products are made to last. All Chicken Feeders and Drinkers come with a 3 year warranty. Exclusions and conditions apply.

Rodent and Wildlife Resistant:

The biggest attractant for rodents and wildlife in the chicken coop is spilled chicken feed. As soon as feed ends up on the floor, it becomes an easy target for rats, mice and pest birds. Spilled feed is wasted, so by keeping feed in the feeder you are already saving money with a Dine a Chook! 

There is no magic bullet for pests. But together with good coop management, a Dine a Chook Feeder can help deter rodents and pest birds. Engineered to keep feed in the feeding bay and off of the floor, a Dine a Chook Feeder removes the most obvious source of food for rats, mice and wild birds. It also makes it more difficult for pests to access the feed. But remember, no matter what the marketing says, there is no such thing as a rat proof chicken feeder. Visit our blog to learn how to get rid of rats in the chicken coop.


Patent Pending Rain and Gutter System

Many have tried but none have succeeded in bettering our patent pending rain hood and gutter system.

Made to do one job, stop feed waste by preventing feed from getting wet.

And it works.

With years of development behind today's hood and gutter system, Dine a Chook rain hood and gutter is unbeatable.

Designed for the tropical rainfall of Queensland, the Dine a Chook rain and gutter system keeps your feed dry.


Comparing the Dine a Chook Feeder with a Hanging Feeder or Treadle Feeder

  • No faeces contamination
  • No spilled feed
  • No moving parts
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Waterproof to stop feed getting wet
  • Outlasts any other feeder

Hanging Feed Units: Don't underestimate the intelligence of a rat. Even hanging feeders are not entirely rat proof; it won't take rats long to realise they can climb down the chain to get to the feed. Also, many hanging feed units fail to address the rain, meaning feed can get wet. Plus, chickens rake feed from hanging feeders all over the floor, creating waste and attracting rodents.

Treadle Feeders: They look perfect, but they are not. Moving parts fatigue and fail apart over time. So you are either replacing parts or replacing the feeder. Cheap treadle feeders rust out in very little time at all. If your chickens feed while it is raining, feed gets damp or wet and spoils. So you end up wasting feed that has cost you money. Another very noteworthy point is chickens get sick when they eat feed contaminated from faeces. With a treadle feeder, chickens can get up onto the feed while another is holding the pedal down, or they rake the feed out, and the feed becomes contaminated. Plus, rats can even learn to open a treadle feeder!

A Dine a Chook Automatic Chicken Feeder only allows a hen to put their head and beak into the feeding bay. There is almost no possibility of faeces contamination in the feeder. And the reality is, while there is no rat-proof feeder, a Dine a Chook Feeder can help deter rodents by keeping feed in the feeder. Based on customer feedback, we can tell you that a Good Coop Management plan is the key to preventing rat infestations

Unique Patent Pending Design Features:

Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders stop feed waste. The silo-inspired feeding bay stops chickens raking feed on the ground. Our waste reducing chook feeder saves you money. Able to feed up to 12 hens, our Large Chicken Feeder is perfect for the small to medium size chicken coop.

Our unique horizontal and vertical paddle technology keeps chicken feed in the feed hopper bay. No mess on the ground and virtually no feed wasted.

Helps prevent illness and disease

A feeder that allows chickens to walk on the feed invites the opportunity for infection and also contamination. This leads to illness and even disease which can spread quickly through the flock.

The Dine a Chook Automatic Feeder only allows the chicken's head to come into contact with feed in the feed bay. There is almost no possibility of faeces contamination in the feeder. Another way our Feeder prevents illness is keeping feed dry. Botulism bacteria can easily take hold in wet feed. In Australia, Botulism is a leading cause of premature backyard chicken death. The Dine a Chook feeder is made to keep feed dry and the rain out. 

The difference between ASA and PVC plastic

Genuine Dine a Chook Feeders use ASA thermoplastic. Compared to PVC, ASA is significantly more resistant to environment stress in the outdoors. It retains its gloss and resists cracking or deterioration in the elements far better that PVC. Quality outdoor furniture uses ASA because of its strength and durability in an out-of-doors environment. When buying genuine Dine a Chook, you are buying the best in design as well as construction and materials.

Save even more when Buying a Feeder and Drinker Kit:

Dine a Chook has a considerable range of Feeder and Drinker Kits.

Also Available Small Automatic Chicken Feeders for smaller coops with restrictive height.

With over 50,000 poultry feeders sold, Dine A Chook is the number one brand you can trust for your chickens. Aussie backyard chicken keepers love Dine a Chook Feeders. Join the Dine a Chook family today and become part of something bigger. 

The Dine a Chook Difference

We had chickens long before we started Dine a Chook, and we still do! We understand the problems that backyard chicken keepers face and our goal is to provide solutions.

That is why Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders and Drinkers stand out from the competition: Our products have been extensively tested in Australian backyards, including our own! Our patented innovations and unique design features really work to make backyard chicken keeping easier.

We know how important good coop management is. A clean, dry coop, and uncontaminated feed and water, are essential for poultry health. Our Feeders reduce waste, keeping feed dry and off the floor. And our Waterers keep water clean and prevent spillage.

Dine a Chook Feeders and Drinkers are made in Australia, supporting Aussie jobs. And we use genuine Lubing Drinker Outlets from Germany because they are the best for poultry. Our products are built to last and come with an exclusive guarantee. Tested in the harsh Australian climate, don’t run over them with a tractor and we bet you won’t need to buy another Feeder or Drinker again!

As a family business, the most important thing to us is our customers. Need help with an order? Want chicken keeping advice? If you have a question about your flock, give us a call on 1800 103 326 during Queensland business hours.

Australian Made
Suitable for feeding:
6 - 8 hens

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Every Dine a Chook delivery is completely insured for the total value of the items despatched and insurance coverage includes loss and damage during transit. In the unlikely event, you receive a broken item contact our office via the contact us page within 3 working days of signing for the goods so we can arrange for a replacement.

Shipping times

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Q. How many chickens will this feeder service? 

A. This large feeder is suitable for up to 8 birds

Q. Is the feeder also suitable for other birds? 

A. You can use your Dine A Chook feeder with Ducks, Geese, Chickens

Q. What height should I install my feeder of the coop floor? 

A. You should always install the feeder at the same height as the neck of your smallest chicken. 

Q. How do I clean my feeder? 

A. Simply wash out, allow to dry and re-mount on the mounting hooks. 


3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Feeders

Exclusions: Colour loss and fading. Rodent damage. Rear-mounting hooks are only covered where unit is mounted using the supplied brackets and weight is evenly distributed between both hooks. The customer is responsible for all transit costs relating to rear-mounting hook damage occurring more than 3 months after purchase.

Further terms and conditions apply. See Warranties for full details. Should you have any issue regarding your Dine a Chook Chicken feeder please contact us so we can assist you further.