Dine a Chook Chicken Drinker Triple Pack - 6 lubing cups


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The Dine a Chook Chicken Drinker Triple Pack - 6 lubing cups is a life saver for large backyard coops. Now you can provide adequate hydration for up to 24 chickens. And guess what, there's almost zero maintenance. Our drinkers and drinker cups help keep the floor dry meaning less mess.

Across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, backyard farmers trust in the Quality Chicken Drinkers of Dine A Chook for good reason. They are the best.

This triple pack of High Quality Chicken drinkers uses both German Lubing technology as well as Dine A Chook engineering. The result is one of the most effective ways to hydrate your poultry and hens. Here's why it is the best:

Reasons why Dine A Chook Drinkers are the best:

  • Helps prevent algae and mould growth
  • Less bacteria in the tank
  • Made with ASA plastic which is tougher than PVC in the outdoor elements. 
  • Lubing cups helps prevent water contamination from chickens meaning less chance of disease spreading from the water
  • No spillage - the coop floor stays nice and dry. 
  • ASA Plastic is designed not to crack or become brittle*

In short what does all that mean? It means you get peace of mind you are buying the best in Chicken Drinker technology, development and engineering. It also means, clean fresh water for your hens every day. Dine a Chook 4 Litre Drinker - Two Cups for up to 16 hens also available

Dine a Chook Chicken Drinker Triple Pack contents:

  • Size per drinker - 4lt
  • 3 x Genuine Australian Made Dine A Chook chicken drinkers
  • 6 x German lubing cups for 24 chickens
  • Complimentary mounting kit
  • The lubing cups autofill as the level drops
The Dine a Chook Chicken Drinker Triple Pack with lubing cups is taking the hard work out of backyard chicken hydration. With the highest quality components, it is made to last.

And it's not just for hens, other birds can use it also:

Pheasants, Ducks, Adult Quails and also Pigeons

Where to locate the Chicken Drinker?

Just like you, poultry loves cold refreshing water. So it is important regardless of what poultry drinker you choose that it is located in a shady place to avoid the water getting hot. By placing your drinkers in different locations in the coop or run your birds have access easily at all times.

Does it require maintenance?

Generally no. However, you should clean your lubing drinker cups every week or two to prevent grime from building up. Also, about the lubing cups. We have provided you with Dine A Chook upgraded floats. These allow more water into the cup as well as automatically fill the drinker cup as the water depletes. So you hens always have water in the cup. Genius idea.

*Critically Important - Always monitor for the first few hours so you can ensure the smallest bird in the flock can access the water in the lubing cup. If the bird can not access the water slightly lower the position of the system.

Congratulations. You now have Australia's Best Automatic Chicken Drinker System installed in your chicken coop - Genuine Dine A Chook.



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Q. What is the Chicken Drinker made from? 

A. Dine A Chook drinkers are made with ASA Industrial Plastic. This is stronger and more durable than PVC when exposed to the elements.

Q. Does the plastic release any chemicals into the water? 

A. No, our Drinkers are BPA and chemical free so your hens only get fresh clean water

Q. How much water does a hen drink a day? 

A. An average hen will consume between 500ml – 750ml per day depending on the weight of the bird as well as the weather conditions.

Q. Does the Drinker develop algae? 

A. The Dine A Chook drinker is designed to block out UV so to inhibit the growth of algae. 

Q. Do chickens need to press down on the float in the drinker cup? 

A. No. Our upgraded floats automatically fill the lubing cup with water. 


1. The Dine A Chook Drinker comes with a full 3 year warranty against manufacturing defect. 

2. The lubing cups come with a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing defect.