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How to clean a Chicken Lubing Cup

How to clean a Chicken Lubing Cup

If you use chicken lubing cups as part of your automatic chicken drinker or mains pressure chicken waterer station it is important to know how to clean them.

Generally, if the lubing cup is only slightly soiled, washing with a low-pressure hose will clean out the dirty water. If the cup or float are looking like they need a bit more attention, then soak them in warm water and wipe with a clean cloth.

If however they require a thorough clean, follow the step by step instructions guide below on how to disassemble a chicken lubing cup for cleaning.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to clean your chicken lubing cup

  1. Remove nipple valve Use multigrip pliers to pull out the nipple valve from the top of the lubing cup.disassemble-a-chicken-lubing-cup.jpg  
  2. Wash

    If the cup is particularly soiled you may need to soak for a little while in warm soapy water. Otherwise, simply use a cloth, and clean all parts thoroughly with warm soapy water. then rinse off.

  3. Reassemble

    To reassemble, clip the value back into place. Then with your fingers check the pin and nipple spins freely. As long as it can spin then this means the system will operate correctly.

  4. Removing the float

    Follow the same technique above to remove the float for a thorough clean.

If you give your lubing cups a gentle wash every week it will help to avoid pulling them apart for a thorough clean. If looked after, chicken lubing cups will last for many years of trouble free service as well as reliability.

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