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Sometimes, the name speaks for itself. But, if you are new to backyard chicken keeping, let's talk about German Poultry Hydration company, Lubing for a minute. The German Lubing company is number one in the world for poultry nipples. They have the best broiler drinking system for poultry. Lubing has a trusted reputation around the globe for reliability as well as dependability. Their products simply last longer due to their uncompromising commitment to quality excellence in parts and manufacturing. There are plenty of cheap chicken drinker nipples on the market. And yes, we scratch our heads wondering why people buy inferior when for a couple more dollars they can get the best. Use lubing nipples for chickens from hatching age till retirement.

Why Lubing is the best for Chicken Drinker Nipples

  1. No neoprene washers that perish
  2. If installed correctly they do not leak
  3. No ball bearings which will block up
  4. All contact points in genuine Lubing Nipples are stainless steel to stainless steel.

What you get in this pack:

  • 20 Lubing Drinker Nipples
  • 1 x Install kit which includes drill bit and also thread tap

How does a Lubing Poultry Nipple work?

Chicken Drinker Nipples work on gravity pressure behind the central pin. The chook will push the central pin in which in turn releases water. As the chook grows bigger, they can push the pin in more which releases more water. Before we start down the road of DIY, may we suggest you look at our extremely well priced Chicken Drinkers and also Automatic Mains Pressure Drinkers. As the Australian manufacturer, we have been focused on the best price for the best Quality. By the time you add up the parts you require to build your own nipple line, you may find we have something that fills your requirements at a similar price point without you having to go make your own.

How to install a DIY Lubing Poultry Nipple Line

  1. Water Source

    You will need a water source. Most people use water from a water tank or mains pressure (garden hose or plumbed).

  2. You will need a Mains Pressure Header tank

    For your nipple waterer to work without leaking, nipples need to be supplied water with little to no pressure. You can not connect a nipple line directly to a water tank or mains pressure by simply filing up a PVC pipe.

    Therefore you will connect from the Water Source to a Dine A Chook Mains Pressure Header tank which has a built in horizontal Lubing ball valve which releases water as required without pressure.
  3. Get the height correct first before installing.

    The nipples should be able to be reached by your smallest bird. Nipples are installed vertically into your PVC water line.

  4. Drill your pipe

    Cut your PVC pipe to the desired length. Using food safe PVC cement, seal one end with an end cap. Next, Pre drill holes for the nipples along the length of the pipe using the installation kit provided when you buy your Dine A Chook Lubing nipples. The holes should run in a straight line along the PVC. The side which you have drilled the holes will be the bottom of the pipe once installed. Now using the supplied thread tap, carefully thread each hole and then screw in the nipples.

  5. Fix the pipe into position

    Using pipe brackets, fix the pipe to posts. You could also use the frame of your coop. Using right angled corner, come out of your line pipe and up to the bottom of the header tank and connect.

  6. Critical Importance

    To ensure your lubing nipples do not leak, make certain the distance from your line to the bottom of the Lubing header tank does not exceed 30cm. Remember nipples are gravity fed not pressure fed. Too much pressure and you will have to start again.

  7. Fix header tank into position

    Fix the header tank into position using the support bracket provided then connect your water source to the spigot (hose tail) at the side of the tank.

  8. Questions?

    We are here to help our customers, so call us if you need further advice.

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12 month manufacturer warranty on lubing nipples against defects.