Lubing Drinker Nipples 10 Pack


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Why Lubing Chicken Nipples are the Best Choice for Poultry Hydration

The bulk buy Lubing Drinker Nipples 10 pack is designed to provide hygienic hydration for all poultry, including chickens, ducks, and geese. These nipples are suitable for use from freshly hatched chicks to retirement-age chickens, ensuring a reliable and clean water source throughout their lifespan.

Opt for Lubing Drinker Nipples for a high-performance hydration solution backed by the trust of the leading brand in chicken broiler systems. Genuine Lubing brand products guarantee your poultry drinker employs commercial-quality components for enhanced durability and performance.

Package Contents:

  • 10 x Genuine Lubing Nipples

Key Benefits of Lubing Drinker Nipples

  • Hygiene: Prevents chickens from contaminating drinking water with fecal matter, maintaining a clean hydration source.
  • Cleanliness: Features a gravity-fed system that does not leak, keeping coops dry and less susceptible to diseases caused by moist environments.
  • Usability: Easy for chickens to use, requiring no training for the poultry to adapt to these nipples.
  • Adaptability: Designed to increase water flow as chickens grow, these nipples allow larger chickens to press the pin further, releasing more water.
  • Durability: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a yellow body housing made of industrial-grade plastic, ensuring that the nipples remain functional over time without wearing out.
  • Longevity: All contact points are made of stainless steel, preventing any wear and tear or seizing.
  • Efficiency: Provides water on-demand to your chickens whenever they need it, thanks to its automatic watering capability.

Installation Guide for Lubing Nipples

Lubing Drinker Nipples are a pivotal component in advanced poultry hydration systems, utilizing a valve mechanism activated by chicken pecking. These nipples are not purely reliant on gravity; instead, they incorporate a mechanical action that releases water whenever a chicken pecks at the nipple.

Simple Installation Process

To install, simply drill a 9mm hole in your desired location and screw in the nipples securely. They can be installed at various heights but should ideally be placed such that the water line is no more than 35cm above the nipples to maintain optimal pressure and prevent leakage.

If connecting to a large water source, like a 1000 L tank, integrating a pressure regulator or header tank is crucial to maintain the correct water pressure and ensure effective functioning of the nipples. Optimize your system with the Lubing Header Tank with Bracket designed for large-scale setups.

For necessary installation tools and accessories, such as Drill Bits and Thread Taps specifically suited for setting up Lubing Nipples, visit our Tools and Parts section.

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Q. How do I install Lubing Nipples? 

A. Simply drill a 9 mm hole in your poultry drinker line or outlet, and gently screw the Nipple into the hole. No PVC cement or sealant should be required.

Q. Can I use Nipple outlets with mains water? 

A. A header tank or other pressure regulator is recommended for using Nipple outlets with mains water.

Q. Can I use Nipple outlets with a rainwater tank? 

A. Due to the large volume of water, a header tank or pressure regulator should be used with your Nipple outlets.

Q. How old do chickens have to be to use a Nipple drinker? 

A. Nipple outlets can be used with day old chicks and older. You may need to tap the Nipple gently to show chicks how to drink. Always observe new chicks closely to ensure that they can all find water.

Q. What type of birds can use a Nipple Drinker Outlet? 

A. Nipple Drinkers are ideal for ducks and geese, which tend to make a mess of the drinking water. But chickens, quail, pigeons, other poultry, aviary birds and game birds can all use Nipple Drinkers. 


1-year Warranty on Lubing Drinker Cups and Nipples

Exclusions: Colour loss and fading. Rodent damage. Warranties do not apply where system components are not installed correctly or used as directed.

Further terms and conditions apply. See Warranties for full details. Should you have any issue regarding Dine a Chook products please contact us so we can assist you further.