5 Lubing Drinker Nipples + Install Kit


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Are you building a DIY Poultry Nipple Drinker Line? This pack not only contains genuine Lubing Drinker Nipples, manufactured in Germany, but also a DIY installation kit so that putting a water-tight Drinker Line together will be a breeze.

What you get in this pack:

  • 5 x Lubing Drinker Nipples
  • 1 x Install Kit which includes a drill bit and thread tap specifically designed to ensure a water-tight seal on Lubing Nipples and Cups

Why Lubing is the best for Chicken Drinker Nipples

Sometimes, the name speaks for itself. But, if you are new to backyard chicken keeping, let's talk about German Poultry Hydration company, Lubing for a minute.

The German Lubing company is number one in the world for Poultry Nipples. They have the best broiler drinking system for poultry and the proof is in thousands of commercial poultry operations that use only Lubing brand systems. Lubing has a trusted reputation around the globe for reliability as well as dependability. Their products simply last longer due to their uncompromising commitment to quality engineering and excellence in parts and manufacturing.

These are just a few of the reasons why Lubing Nipples are the best:

  1. No neoprene washers that perish
  2. No ball bearings that block up
  3. All contact points are stainless steel to stainless steel for reliable performance over the long term
  4. German quality assurance
  5. Leak-free, with correct installation

There are plenty of cheap chicken drinker nipples on the market. And yes, we scratch our heads wondering why people buy inferior imitations when they can get the best. The few dollars you save on cheap Nipples will be quickly spent when they break! Use Lubing Nipples for chickens from hatching age 'til retirement.

How does a Lubing Nipple work?

Chicken Drinker Nipples work on gravity. The water remains in the drinker or drinker line and when a chicken pushes on the Drinker pin, the water is released thanks to gravity. The harder the pin is pushed, the more water is released, meaning that this system automatically adjusts water flow as chickens grow. 
Lubing Nipples have many benefits in the chicken coop:
  • Hygiene: Keeps your chickens out of the drinking water. Prevents contamination from faecal matter and dirt, for healthier chooks.
  • Cleanliness: Gravity-fed Lubing Nipples will not leak, keeping your chicken coop drier reducing the risk of illnesses and bacteria.
  • No training required: Chickens and poultry are able to take to this form of drinking naturally and quickly.
  • More water as they grow: The Nipples automatically increase the flow rate as the chickens get bigger. A growing chicken is able to vertically press the pin in further to increase the amount of water that comes out.
  • Long-lasting: Unlike inferior brands, German brand Lubing only uses stainless steel nipple pins.
  • Durable: All contact points are stainless steel, so there is nothing to wear away or seize up.
  • Automatic watering: On-demand water for your chickens.

Is DIY right for you?

Before we start down the road of DIY, consider whether making your own Poultry Drinker is best for you.

For chicken keepers with very large flocks, multiple breeder pens or hatching operations, a DIY Poultry Drinker Line is often the perfect choice. There is a reason why Nipple Lines are used in large scale broiler operations worldwide, and these effective watering systems scale down for backyard chickens perfectly!

But if you just have one coop with a standard-sized flock, may we suggest you look at our extremely well-priced Chicken Drinkers and also Automatic Mains Pressure Drinkers. As the Australian manufacturer, we have been focused on the best price for the best quality. By the time you add up the parts you require, you may find we have something that fills your requirements at a similar price point without you having to go make your own.

But for the larger flocks best-suited to DIY, we stock everything you need for a DIY Lubing Poultry Nipple Line.

How to install a DIY Lubing Poultry Nipple Line

  1. Water Source

    You will need a water source. Most people use water from a water tank or mains pressure (garden hose or plumbed).

  2. You will need a Header tank

    For your Nipple waterer to work without leaking, Nipples need to be supplied water with little to no pressure. You can not connect a Nipple line directly to a water tank or mains pressure by simply filing up a PVC pipe.

    Connect your water source to a Dine a Chook Mains Pressure Header tank which has a built in horizontal Lubing ball valve which releases water as required without pressure. A Mains Pressure Header tank is suitable for all mains water sources and most water tanks with gravity feed. Contact us on 1800 103 326 to check if our Header Tank will suit your water source!
  3. Get the height correct first before installing

    The Nipples should be able to be reached by your smallest bird, reaching upwards at a 45 degree angle. Nipples are installed vertically into your PVC water line. Some systems incorporate a pulley-system for raising and lowering the Nipple Drinker Line in order to accomodate growing birds, using the same coop for chicks from hatching through to retirement. A pulley system should be connected to a light metal or timber support rail, not directly to the Drinker Line.

  4. Drill your pipe

    Cut your PVC pipe to the desired length. Using food safe PVC cement, seal one end with an end cap. Next, pre-drill holes for the Nipples along the length of the pipe using the drill bit supplied in the Installation Kit provided when you buy your Dine a Chook Lubing Nipples. The holes should run in a straight line along the PVC. The side which you have drilled the holes will be the bottom of the pipe once installed. Now using the supplied thread tap, carefully thread each hole and then screw in the Nipples. Do not over-tighten.

  5. Fix the pipe into position

    Using pipe brackets, fix the pipe to posts. You could also use the frame of your coop, or a pulley system. Using a right-angled corner, come out of your line pipe and up to the bottom of the header tank and connect.

  6. Critical Importance

    To ensure your Lubing Nipples do not leak, make certain the distance from your line to the bottom of the Lubing Header Tank does not exceed 30 cm. Remember Nipples are gravity fed not pressure fed. Too much pressure and you will have to start again.

  7. Fix header tank into position

    Fix the header tank into position using the support bracket provided then connect your water source to the spigot (hose tail) at the side of the tank.

  8. Questions?

    We are here to help our customers, so call us on 1800 103 326. We have over 10 years experience helping backyard poultry keepers design and install DIY Lubing Nipple systems.

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Q. How do I install Lubing Nipples? 

A. Simply drill a 9 mm hole in your poultry drinker line or outlet, and gently screw the Nipple into the hole. No PVC cement or sealant should be required.

Q. Can I use Nipple outlets with mains water? 

A. A header tank or other pressure regulator is recommended for using Nipple outlets with mains water.

Q. Can I use Nipple outlets with a rainwater tank? 

A. Due to the large volume of water, a header tank or pressure regulator should be used with your Nipple outlets.

Q. How old do chickens have to be to use a Nipple drinker? 

A. Nipple outlets can be used with day old chicks and older. You may need to tap the Nipple gently to show chicks how to drink. Always observe new chicks closely to ensure that they can all find water.

Q. What type of birds can use a Nipple Drinker Outlet? 

A. Nipple Drinkers are ideal for ducks and geese, which tend to make a mess of the drinking water. But chickens, quail, pigeons, other poultry, aviary birds and game birds can all use Nipple Drinkers. 


1-year Warranty on Lubing Drinker Cups and Nipples

Exclusions: Colour loss and fading. Rodent damage. Warranties do not apply where system components are not installed correctly or used as directed.

Further terms and conditions apply. See Warranties for full details. Should you have any issue regarding Dine a Chook products please contact us so we can assist you further.