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Dine a Chook Mounting Kit 2 Bracket

  • Metal mounting brackets and screws for dine a chook feeders and drinkers.
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Install your Chicken Feeders and Drinkers with a Dine a Chook Mounting Kit 2 Bracket system

Don’t waste time wondering how to install your Automatic Chicken Feeder or Drinker. Don’t worry about finding the right-sized screws or brackets in your garage or at the local hardware. Unlike other manufacturers, Dine a Chook has done the work for you, providing a complementary mounting system with all Feeders, Waterers and Kits purchased through our store.

All Dine a Chook Feeders and Waterers are manufactured with built-in, rear mounting hooks. This makes our products stronger, and these hooks can be used with most wire meshes. But Dine a Chook also goes the extra mile by providing a mounting kit for use with wood or metal.

How to install a Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder or Drinker

Good coop management is easy with Dine a Chook Mounting Kits for Poultry Feeder and Drinker systems. Poorly designed feeders and waterers are often made to sit on the chicken coop floor. This makes installation a no-brainer, but leads to problems in the long run. Feeders and Drinkers which sit on the floor are more prone to spillage and contamination, compromising the health of your chickens; they are also more likely to attract vermin.

When installing your Dine a Chook Feeders and Waterers, situating them at chicken height will provide the best results, allowing the patented design to prevent spillage and deter rats, mice and wild birds more effectively.  

Dine a Chook Mounting Kit 2 Bracket details

-        Screws are suitable for both wood and metal, sized for our custom-made brackets and made for use with standard drill bits.

-        Heavy-duty steel brackets are the perfect size for our rear mounting hooks and are designed to last even in the harshest conditions.

-        Suitable for all Dine a Chook Automatic Chicken Feeders and Waterers.

-        Complementary with all Dine a Chook Feeders, Drinkers and Kits.

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  1. Dine-a-chook mounting brackets Product Rating

    Posted by Jenn King on 22nd Feb 2018

    These came with the feeders and drinkers and work very well, even when attached to wire mesh.