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Chicken Feeder Drinker Kit Large Feeder and Twin Cup Drum Drinker

  • Large Chicken Feeder plus a 20 Litre Drinker. Get away for a long weekend and know your Chickens will have feed and water to last. Designed and hand-built in Australia, these are top quality poultry supplies from Dine a Chook.
  • Large Chicken Feeder plus a 20 Litre Drinker. Get away for a long weekend and know your Chickens will have feed and water to last. Designed and hand-built in Australia, these are top quality poultry supplies from Dine a Chook.
  • 20 Litre Drum Chicken Drinker with a Lubing Drinker Cup Outlet. This Drum Drinker will serve up to 12 birds and can provide water for over a week, depending on flock size and environmental conditions. Far better quality that what is available in standard hardwares, this Drinker will last for years!
  • Waste-reducing design including internal paddles and adjustable depth feeding bay. This Feeder keeps Feed off the floor, ensuring that more goes to your chooks. This may also STOP rats and mice in the chicken coop!
  • Up graded Australian-made float provides higher water levels in the Lubing Cup. Designed in response to customer feedback, this float is preferred by chooks.
  • Complimentary mounting kit including custom-moulded steel brackets. Installing your Chicken Feeder is easy with Dine a Chook.
  • Chicken Feeder with silo-style feed delivery suited to most commercial feeds. Visit the Dine a Chook Learning Centre for advice on choosing the best chicken feed for laying hens.
  • Lid hook for convenience when filling your Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder.
  • Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders feature a lock on lid which helps to prevent rodents from accessing the feed. Your chooks will never have to eat feed that has had rats in it again!
  • Moulded rear mounting hooks fit the complimentary steel brackets and may also be suitable for tool-free installation in some chicken coops.
  • Birds quickly learn how to use the Dine a Chook Feeder. No training should be required!
  • Rear mounting hooks provide tool-free installation in many modern chicken coops with Dine a Chook Feeders and Drinkers.
  • Dine a Chook weather-resistant Chicken Feeders are not only leak-free. They have a rain cover and gutter system that redirects water away from the feeding bay, keeping feed dry and allowing your chickens to eat regardless of the weather.
  • Our unique snap-together assembly has no weak points like screws or glue. That means no leaks, no rust or corrosion, and no contamination. You can rely on Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders and Drinkers to provide contaminant free chicken feed and the freshest water.
  • Large Chicken Feeder and Drinker Kit. Provide feed and water for days with Dine a Chook.
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The Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder Drinker Kit 4.7 Litre Feeder + 20 Litre Twin Cup Drum Drinker - Provide Feed and Water for Days!

Provide your chickens or other poultry with feed and water for days. Our Mega Feeder and Drinker Kit features a Large Chicken Feeder and a 20 Litre Drum Drinker, ensuring that your flock will be perfectly well-cared for if you want to go away for a long weekend.

Designed to save you time and money, Dine a Chook Feeders and Drinkers reduce the work of keeping backyard chickens. No more daily top-ups and no more cleaning up wet litter or spilled feed. Keeping your chicken coop cleaner with a Dine a Chook may also help to deter rats, mice and other vermin in the chicken coop!

This long-lasting and reliable Feeder and Drinker Kit will provide for small and medium flocks of chickens, game birds, waterfowl and other poultry. The time between refills will depend on flock size and environmental conditions. We stock a range of Feeder and Drinker Kits, including Lubing Cups and Nipple Drinkers, and mains pressure drinkers.

Chicken Feeder Drinker Kit 4.7 Litre Feeder + 20 Litre Twin Cup Drum Drinker details:

This Chicken Feeder and Drinker Kit contains:

  • 1 x 4.7 Litre Chicken Feeder (720 mm tall) suited to up to 8 birds

  • 1 x 20 Litre Drum Drinker (380 mm tall x 280 mm square) with a Twin Lubing Drinker Cup outlet suited to up to 12 birds


Dine a Chook Construction Guarantee

  • All of our products are hand-built from custom-manufactured parts

  • We use 100 % industrial-grade PVC which is far better quality than what is generally available

  • All parts are Australian-made except the German Lubing Cups

  • UV treated and guaranteed not to crack or become brittle in the sun

  • Free from lead, BPA, glue and other contaminants

Features of the 4.7 Litre Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder

  • No-waste feeding bay with internal paddles and an adjustable depth effective with most commercial feeds 

  • Water proof design plus a rain cover and gutter system

  • A snap-together assembly with no weak points like screws or glue, which corrode and leak

  • Free from moving parts to sieze up, wear out or break

  • Removable hopper for easy cleaning

  • May deter rodents, wild birds and other pests in the chicken coop

  • Design features include a lock on lid, carry handle and lid hook

  • Tool free installation may be possible with the super strong built in mounting hooks!

  • Lifetime guarantee

All Dine a Chook Feeders come with a complimentary Mounting Kit containing custom-moulded steel brackets and screws. 

Features of the 20 Litre Drum Chicken Drinker

  • Algae-resistant 

  • Leak-free

  • Top filling

  • Fitted with a Twin Lubing Cup Drinker Outlet

  • Lubing Cups set the industry-standard in providing clean water and may prevent contamination with dirt and feed

  • On-demand hydration is improved with the Dine a Chook float, which provides higher resting water levels


Australian Quality Assurance

Our mission is to make backyard chicken keeping easier for chicken keepers everywhere. If you have a specific problem, want a personalised consultation or have a question that is not answered in our extensive Learning Centre, or contact us for friendly, prompt service.


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  1. Wish I had gotten one years ago Product Rating

    Posted by Mat on 20th Jan 2015

    I have two lots of chickens housed in different areas. I bought one feeder (4lt) and am totally satisfied with it, so much so that I am about to order a new one with a watering system. My girls didn't quite get that this was their new feeder, I rang the guys at Biggin, "Pop a little bit of bacon in there, won't take them long to find it." Yep, you guessed it, they found it and love it, no more wild bird problems, no more mess on the ground, no more wastage, it is definitely saving me money.

  2. What great products Product Rating

    Posted by Amanda S. Townsville QLD on 14th Jan 2014

    I have had this product for about a week now. The young chickens that I have took no time at all to work out the drinking tubs. They are slowly working out how to access the food. It is great that the chickens have access to constant clean water. The optional storm cover is working a treat in the North Queensland wet season keeping the dry food. Highly recommend these products

  3. I wish this was kiwi ingenuity.. Product Rating

    Posted by Shaz on 4th Dec 2013

    Usually we don't like to praise the guys over the ditch but your products are so amazing and your service is excellent.

    We were getting frustrated with the feeding aspect of keeping chickens as the local birds and rodents were eating all the feed and the water would get knocked over. Nearly gave up until I came across this. I thought it was a bit risky getting it from Australia but it went smoothly. Now it is heaps less work refilling water and food everyday...I just do it in the weekend. Everyone who keeps chickens should get the water and feeder system, highly recommended.