D-3 Liquid Calcium Supplement for Chickens & Poultry 250ml


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Why you need D-3 Liquid Calcium (250 ml) for your birds

  • This bottle will last up to 20 weeks.
  • Fortified with Vitamin D3, the only form of vitamin D that is available to birds, in order to ensure sufficient calcium is absorbed in the gut.
  • Addresses the 3 most common vitamin deficiencies affecting caged birds on seed or pelleted rations.
  • Active ingredients include: Calcium gluconate, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin D3.
  • Specifically formulated for breeding birds and layers.
  • Convenient liquid form for easy administration through drinking water and accurate dosage control.

How to treat calcium deficiency in birds

Calcium is one of the most important vitamins for birds, and especially for laying hens. Calcium deficiencies are most apparent through bone growth and reproductive health. In pigeons and parrots, symptoms of a calcium deficiency include egg binding, soft-shelled or brittle eggs, small clutches, poor quality crop milk, lameness, osteoporosis and skeletal deformity. In hatchlings, deficiencies may present as poor growth, rickets, deformities and poor hatch rates. For the symptoms of calcium deficiency in chickens, including laying hens.

However, treating the symptoms of a calcium deficiency is not as simple as adding more calcium to the bird’s ration for two reasons:

  1. The symptoms of a calcium deficiency are easily confused with those of a vitamin A deficiency. Both nutrients are commonly lacking in seed and pellet rations, meaning vitamin A deficiencies are common in caged birds.
  2. Vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption, so a lack of vitamin D can lead to a calcium deficiency even when sufficient calcium is available in the diet. In caged birds without access to ample direct sunlight, vitamin D deficiency is a frequent cause of calcium deficiency.

As it is hard to identify the true cause of the symptoms of a calcium deficiency without expensive medical tests, the best practice is to regularly supplement rations with a calcium source that is fortified with vitamins A and D3, in order to address all possible causes of ill-health.

D-3 Liquid Calcium is an easy-to-administer calcium source that also includes with vitamins A and D3. It is perfect for birds on seed-based diets, including laying hens.

How to use D-3 Liquid Calcium Supplement

D-3 Liquid Calcium is formulated for regular use as part of your bird nutrition regime. You can administer the supplement through drinking water to pigeons, chickens, poultry and other caged birds.

Add 15 ml of D-3 Liquid Calcium per litre of drinking water. Prepare the solution fresh daily.

As part of a regular nutrition program, D-3 Liquid Calcium should be used once per week. During the breeding season, increase the supplementation to 3 times per week.

Excess calcium can lead to health problems. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of D-3 Liquid Calcium. Be mindful of the calcium content of feeds you use in combination with calcium supplements.

Always follow product instructions. D-3 Calcium Supplement is for animal use only.

Store below 30oC. Keep away from direct sunlight.

For more information on Chicken Health, visit our Chook School.


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Q. How do I administer the D-3 Calcuim Supplement? 

A. Add the liquid calcium supplement in the bird's drinking water. Simply add 15ml per litre of drinking water.

Q. How I often should I give my birds this calcium supplement? 

A. Supplement once a week. If your birds are breeding we recommend they are supplemented 3 times a week