Automatic Mains Pressure Drinker - Twin Cup


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The New Dine A Chook Automatic Chicken waterer is the revolutionary way in poultry and chicken hydration. It is so easy to install our Automatic Mains Pressure Chicken Drinker - Twin Cup. Once fitted in place, connect to your garden hose, and you have water on call 24/7 for your chickens.

Instant benefits include:

  • Twin lubing cups for up to 16 chickens
  • Prevent algae and mould
  • Prevent water contamination
  • Stop Dirt, mud & chicken poop in the drinking water
  • Stop Water spillage - keeps the coop floor dry
  • The system automatically fills the lubing cups as the level drops
  • No more filling up the chicken drinker every day.

This Twin Cup Automatic Mains Pressure Chicken Drinker is the backyard chicken keepers new best friend. With the highest quality components, it is designed to last. And installation is a breeze. We supply everything you need to have this up and running in no time at all. Then sit back and watch your ladies as they all meet around the lubing cups for an afternoon chat, expressing their joy in how much you love them. Use the Dine A Chook Automatic Mains Pressure Waterer for: Chickens, Pheasants, Ducks, Adult Quails and also Pigeons.


  • One commercial-grade lubing mains pressure German lubing tank
  • Internal Horizontal ball value - German made
  • Two commercial quality German lubing drinker cups
  • Dine A Chook exclusive outlet frame
  • Nylon 13mm spigot (hose tail)
  • Stainless Steel hose clamp
  • Custom made Heavy-duty aluminium support bracket

Where to locate the Mains Pressure Chicken drinker?

Just like you, poultry loves cold refreshing water. So it is important regardless of what poultry drinker you choose that it is located in a shady place to avoid the water getting hot. Depending on how large your flock and chicken run is, you may consider a second Dine A Chook Chicken Drinker in another position elsewhere in the run, so your birds have access to water in different locations.

Does it require maintenance?

Generally no. However, you should clean your lubing drinker cups every week or two to prevent gunk from building up. Also, about the lubing cups. We have provided you with Dine A Chook upgraded floats. These allow more water into the cup as well as automatically fill the drinker cup as the water depletes. So you hens always have water in the cup. Genius idea.

How to install the Automatic Mains Pressure Drinker - Twin Cup

The best part about the Dine A Chook system is we have made everything so simple. Connections are made to be so easy. You don't need a plumbing or engineers degree. And when we say easy, our system makes Lego look hard. Once you have a water supply available in your shady spot, follow these simple instructions and your Automatic Chicken Waterer will be up and running in 15 mins or less.

  1. Connect the outlet piping supplied to the base of the Water tank.
  2. Fit the lubing cups.
  3. Determine the reach height of the smallest bird and work out the height of the lubing cup from the ground. Now mark on the timber frame where the mounting plate for the tank will be.
  4. Fit the tank to the mounting bracket.
  5. Fit the nylon inlet valve. Now slide the stainless steel clamp onto the garden hose, fit the garden hose firmly onto the nylon inlet valve and clamp securely into place.
  6. Go turn on the water.

*Critically Important - Always monitor for the first few hours so you can ensure the smallest bird in the flock can access the water in the lubing cup. If the bird can not access the water slightly lower the position of the system. Congratulations. You now have the Best automatic mains pressure system installed in your chicken coop - Genuine Dine A Chook.    

Header tank Length:
Header tank width:
Header tank height:

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Q. Will the tank deteriorate in the sun? 

A. You should never put a poultry feeder in direct sunlight. The main reason is that poultry need fresh, cool water. So you should position your tank in the shade for this reason

Q. How does the tank work? 

A. The horizontal ball valve refills the tank as the water drains, similar to a toilet cistern. The process is automatic

Q. Can I connect to the mains or only use a hose? 

A. You can connect to a tap, the mains or use a garden hose.

Q. Does the tank develop algae? 

A. The tank is designed to block out UV so to inhibit the growth of algae. 

Q. Do chickens need to press down on the float in the drinker cup? 

A. No. Our upgraded floats automatically fill the lubing cup with water. 


1. Automatic Mains Pressure tank and internal ball valve mechanism come with a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing defect. 

2. The lubing cups come with a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing defect. 

3. The Dine A Chook outlet frame comes with a full 3 year replacement warranty against manufacturing defect.