Shell Grit for Chickens 700gm


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Shell Grit for chickens - Essential Supplement for Chickens

Shell grit is an essential dietary supplement for chickens. Even birds that are fed a complete ration, such as Showbird Breeder Mp, should still be given free access to a high-quality grit. Our Natural Shell Grit comes from pure seashells; it aids digestive health and is a good source of calcium for laying hens.

Why do chickens need shell grit?

All chickens need access to grit, in the form of stones and/or shells, in order to digest food properly. Like most birds, chickens do not have any teeth. Instead, food is “chewed” by the gizzard prior to digestion. The gizzard is a small, muscly organ that uses grit to grind up food. Without grit in their gizzards, birds will suffer from malnutrition and low energy, as they are not able to digest food properly. Free-ranging birds will naturally consume small stones for this purpose, but chicken keepers should provide an additional source of grit as well.

Shell Grit also has a second benefit for chickens as a source of calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient and is particularly important for laying hens, which need high levels of the mineral to produce strong egg-shells. If laying hens aren't getting enough calcium, they draw the mineral from their bones, leading to skeletal issues and other health problems. 

Studies have shown that hens need more calcium than what is provided in their feed. A large particle calcium source, like Shell Grit, is particularly important for healthy egg shell production. 

Features of Shell Grit for chickens (630g)

  • Made from natural sea shells
  • Suitable in coarseness for common chicken breeds
  • Rich in calcium
  • An effective dietary supplement for laying hens
  • Promotes healthy egg-shells and bone development
  • Suitable for use as a grit, ensuring digestive health
  • Manufactured in Australia

How to use shell grit

Chickens should be given free access to shell-grit at all times and are able to regulate their own intake. Place the grit in a bowl or hopper. Protect from wet weather and replace if it becomes soiled.

Never mix Shell Grit or any other calcium supplement with feed, as this can lead to over-consumption. Always provide Shell Grit as a free access option unmixed with any other food or supplement.

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