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Key Features
  • Roll Away Design: Eggs roll into a secure compartment, keeping them clean and safe.
  • Effortless Egg Collection: Hinged compartment for easy egg gathering.
  • Hygienic and Comfortable: Removable nesting material for cleanliness and pest prevention.
  • Privacy for Hens: Enclosed space encourages laying.
  • Durable Construction: Made from sturdy materials for long-lasting use.
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Roll Away Nest Box for Chickens: Fully Assembled for Immediate Use

Explore the best in egg protection and ease of use with our Roll Away Nest Box, expertly designed and constructed right here in Townsville, Australia. Ideal for both experienced and novice poultry keepers, this chicken nesting box offers a secure, clean, and private spot conducive to egg laying.

Why Choose Our Roll Away Nest Box?

Secure and Tranquil Nesting Solution:

  • Protects Eggs: Featuring a secure egg nest box design, our product ensures that eggs roll away from the hen after laying, minimising the risk of damage or dirt.
  • Convenience: Delivered to you fully assembled, ready for immediate use in your backyard. Simply place the box, add a coat of paint if desired, and watch your hens enjoy their new home.
  • Durability and Comfort: Made from sturdy 12 mm hardwood ply, these hen nesting boxes are built to last and lined with commercial-grade materials for optimum comfort.

Key Features

  • No Assembly Required: Forget the hassle of assembly—our fully assembled nesting boxes are prepared for immediate installation, making setup a breeze.
  • Innovative Egg Protection: Precision-engineered to keep eggs intact and clean, significantly reducing the chance of egg loss.
  • Optimal Hygiene: Includes detachable and cleanable nesting materials, ensuring a sanitary environment for your chickens.
  • Customisable: Ready for you to personalise the appearance to match your coop or style.


  • Privacy and Security: Each unit is equipped with solid wooden sides and a privacy curtain, creating a secluded area that mimics hens' natural preferences.
  • Practical Design Elements: Features include built-in steps for easy access, a lip to keep nesting material in place, and a slanted roof to deter roosting.

How Many Do You Need?

A general rule is one nest box per 3-4 hens, which helps ensure that your hens have ample access without overcrowding, promoting a stress-free laying experience.

Ideal Placement

Position the nest box in a calm, shaded area of the coop to replicate the secure, serene environment hens seek for laying.

Superior Australian Made Quality

Proudly manufactured at our Townsville facility, our backyard chicken nesting boxes not only support local craftsmanship but are also built to the highest standards.

Whether you are starting with chicken keeping or upgrading your setup, our Roll Away Nest Box offers a straightforward and reliable solution. It's designed not just for ease of egg collection but for the health and happiness of your chickens, providing a safe, comfortable space for them to lay their eggs. Opt for our ready-to-use, secure, and durable nesting box for the ultimate in convenience and efficiency for your poultry needs.

12 mm hardwood ply
450mm (W) x 545mm (H) x 520mm (D) | 17.7 inches (W) x 21.5 inches (H) x 20.5 inches (D)
Flat-pack with pre-drilled holes; tools required: mallet and screwdriver or cordless drill
Nesting Material:
Commercial-grade, removable for easy washing
Ready for paint; water-based undercoat and exterior top coat recommended
Suitable for up to 8 chickens
Proudly manufactured in Townsville, Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions: Roll Away Nest Box

How does the Roll Away Nest Box work?

The Roll Away Nest Box features an innovative design. Freshly laid eggs gently roll into a secure compartment, keeping them clean and safe from damage or egg-eating behaviors by the flock.

Is the Roll Away Nest Box difficult to assemble?

No, not at all! Our nest boxes arrive flat-packed with all the necessary components and detailed instructions for easy assembly. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a novice, you'll find the assembly process straightforward and hassle-free.

Can I customise the Roll Away Nest Box?

Absolutely! Our nest boxes are ready to be personalised with paint, allowing you to match them to your coop's design or add your creative flair. Get creative and make your Roll Away Nest Box uniquely yours!

How many Roll Away Nest Boxes do I need for my flock?

The general recommendation is one nest box for every 3-4 hens to ensure all your hens have access without crowding, promoting stress-free laying.

What are the dimensions of the Roll Away Nest Box?

The Roll Away Nest Box measures 450mm wide, 545mm high, and 520mm deep, providing ample space for your hens to comfortably lay their eggs while fitting conveniently into most coop setups.

How does the nesting box arrive?

The nesting box arrives flat-packed with the following pieces:

  • 1 x Back Panel
  • 2 x Sides
  • 1 x Lid
  • 2 x Lid Supports - Ensure the support with the three holes for mounting the privacy curtain is at the front.
  • 2 x Base Pieces
  • 1 x Front Piece
  • 1 x Perch
  • 1 x Perch support - Features pre-drilled holes for two hinges. Ensure that these holes are facing forward when assembled.
  • 1 x Lid for Egg Box - Pre-drilled for easy alignment of hinges
  • 1 x Privacy Curtain - Pre-assembled
  • 2 x Hinges
  • 3 x Stainless Steel Bolts - For mounting the privacy curtain
  • 1 x Nesting Mat - Removable for cleaning
  • 1 x Bag of Screws

This comprehensive list ensures you have all the necessary components for easy assembly, allowing you to set up your Roll Away Nest Box quickly and efficiently.

What tools will I need for assembly?

We recommend using a rubber or nylon mallet. Avoid using a regular claw hammer, as you may dent and damage the face and edges of the plywood. While you can use a screwdriver, ideally, use cordless drill to screw in all of the provided screws.