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Why we choose Mega Mineral Supplement for our Chickens

Why we choose Mega Mineral Supplement for our Chickens

Producing top quality livestock and maintaining a profitable agribusiness requires good seasonal conditions to ensure that animals have access to the nutrients and energy needed to reach their full production potential. However, we all know that hoping for a good season is not a viable business model – the weather and rainfall patterns that determine the quality of fodder available and influence the price and nutritional value of silage and feeds, are increasingly more unreliable.

So, if you can’t rely on the available fodder to provide the nutrition and energy that your animals need, how can you achieve consistent growth and performance? Through dietary supplementation.

Vitamins and Minerals for health and production

When we think of supplements, we think of vitamins and minerals. And effective supplementation does provide vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that may be lacking in feeder or fodder. But a good supplementation program has broader benefits than simply correcting nutritional deficiencies in livestock – it may increase overall health and vitality, improve disease resistance and immune-response, and optimise digestive function.

Good Health means better feed conversion

For the farmer, this means that supplementation has the potential to save time and money, as well as producing healthier animals and correspondingly better profits. In particular, some supplementation may improve digestive function, so animals are better able to utilise the feed available to them, absorbing more vitamins and minerals, and energy. This means better Feed Conversion Ratios (FCRs) and weight gain. And better weight gain means a more profitable business and more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Mega Mineral is the ultimate poultry nutrition supplement

An easy-to-use liquid supplement scientifically formulated to provide a complete and balanced vitamin and mineral package. Mega Mineral addresses deficiencies, which may optimise the production, performance and growth of livestock.

90% of farmland in Australia is used as pasture for livestock. If you, like so many farmers, feed your livestock primarily on pasture, you will know that the quantity and quality of fodder available will change naturally throughout the course of the year as a result of season and weather patterns.

The minerals that animals consume are taken up from the soil by plants, so deficiencies experienced by pasture-raised livestock will vary depending on the soil profile and vegetation on your farm. Further, the mineral content of plants varies depending on their stage of growth – for example lush green fodder is often lacking sufficient magnesium, whereas late season or dry season forage that is high in fibre but low in protein, also has the disadvantage of lacking sulphur and other essential nutrients. However, diet-based mineral deficiencies are more complex than simply a lack of a certain nutrient – nutrient imbalance may also prevent animals from utilizing feed effectively, that is from absorbing the vitamins and minerals they need, or from converting the feed into energy and therefore weight, leading to a decreased FCR and poor growth, or even weight loss.

Obviously, the challenges differ for animals fed a diet of silage or grain. Poultry, for example, consume a complete feed. Yet even the utilization of this complete feed, which is usually enriched with some vitamins and minerals, can be improved with the addition of a supplement in which nutrients are available in a more easily absorbable form than those commonly found in food.

Mega Mineral is a scientifically formulated vitamin and mineral supplement designed for regular use. It contains all of the necessary nutrients for animal health in a chelated form. Chelated minerals are one of the most versatile and easily-utilised mineral forms, so this makes the supplement far more bioavailable, giving it an advantage over complete feeds and less bioavailable supplements. The bioavailability of minerals may prevent them from being lost and improve absorption, more rapidly improving production and health.

Features of Mega Mineral

  • A complete supplement including vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Addresses common deficiencies in livestock fodder and feeds
  • Designed to help maintain normal growth and development
  • Made from organically protected sea minerals optimized for bioavailability
  • Chelated to protect nutrition and allow maximum absorption
  • A convenient liquid form that can be delivered in feed, water and also as a direct drench
  • Recommended for chickens and other poultry, sheep, goats, cattle, horses, alpacas and other livestock
  • Scientifically formulated and completely balanced

Active ingredients

Vitamins and minerals Typical analysis per litre Scientifically proven functions and benefits
Boron 0.2 g Carries essential elements between cells.
Calcium 0.6 g Contributes to bone, tooth and feather formation.

Also key to nerve function, cell permeability, muscle contraction and blood coagulation.

Essential for reproductive function, including egg laying in chickens, and lactation.

Chloride 40 g Used to maintain osmotic pressure and the balance of bodily fluids.
Cobalt 0.15 g Essential to the production and synthesis of vitamin B12 and propionate (a major source of energy for ruminates).

Key to the growth of healthy microflora in the rumen.

Copper 0.4 g Essential for the formation of bones and haemoglobin.

Stimulates enzymes for wool and hair production and pigmentation.

Improves reproduction, lactation and disease resistance.

Iodide 15 g Regulates the thyroid to produce thyroxin and control metabolism.

Often lacking in Australian soils.

Magnesium 1.2 g Essential for bone development and also as an enzyme activator in the glycolic system.
Nitrogen 25 g An essential component of amino acids and proteins.
Phosphorus 25 g Involved in bone and tooth formation.

Key to energy creation and many enzyme systems.

Typically low in Australian soils, and thus vegetable matter.

Potassium 30 g Key to energy creation, including the metabolising of carbohydrates.

Essential to muscle activity.

Selenium 20 ppm Required for Vitamin E absorption and retention.

Plays an important role in the production of antibodies and immune response.

Deficiencies may result in infertility.

Sodium 9 g Associated with muscle function.

Involved in the transfer of nutrients to cells and waste removal.

Essential for good hydration.

Sulphur 1 g A constituent of key amino acids, cysteine and methionine.

Involved in various metabolic functions.

Zinc 0.37 g Required for protein synthesis.

Key to bone development and immune response.

Vitamin A 200 000 iu Helps to maintain skin, bones, muscles and vision.

Contributes to normal growth.

Involved in reproductive function.

Vitamin D 20 000 iu The most easily absorbable form of Vitamin D.

Key to immune function and overall health.

Essential for the absorption of other key nutrients, in particular calcium.

Vitamin E 120 iu Antioxidant properties.

The benefits of Mega Mineral supplement

Customers who use Mega Mineral supplement with livestock and poultry have reported the following benefits:

  • Increased FRC
  • Improved conception rates and healthier progeny
  • Improved stamina and health in endurance horses
  • Increased the resilience of cattle and sheep particularly in times of drought or poor fodder
  • Decreased rates of pink eye and ill thrift


Mega mineral is intended for daily use as part of a regular nutrition program.

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