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Rehydrate Dried Mealworms

How to rehydrate dried mealworms

Chickens love Dried Mealworms. Dine A Chook Mealworms offer an exceptional protein boost for laying hens. They are also a family favourite. Children can scatter or hand feed them to the chickens. Rehydrating Dried Worms makes it easier for the hens to digest. Also, in warmer or hotter climates, it helps prevent dehydration in the bird as they are swallowing a juicy moist worm instead of one which shall absorb moisture. If you prefer to Rehydrate Dried Mealworms, here is the best way to soften them.

Rehydrate Dried Mealworms using Apple Cider Vinegar

A solution of diluted Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV and clean water is a healthy way of rehydrating the worms. It is also very cost effective.

  • Simply take a plastic container, add 2.5ml of ACV and mix with 500ml of fresh water.
  • Add a handful of dried mealworms and allow to soak until soft.
  • Drain to remove water mixture and scatter for the hens to enjoy.
  • It is important to ensure you dilute the ACV as it will burn the throat of the chicken if you do not.

It also is acknowledged that ACV can lower the ph in the digestive tract. This lower ph makes it less desirable for intestinal worms and other harmful bacteria. It is suggested it may increase calcium absorption which may increase the strength of eggshells.

Apple Cider Vinegar adds a great range of essential vitamins and minerals to the diet of chickens. It contains potassium, acetic acid as well as malic acid just to name a few.

Rehydrate Mealworms using water

  • Take a plastic container, add 500ml of fresh water.
  • Add the mealworms and allow to soak until soft.
  • Drain to remove water and scatter for the hens to enjoy.

The biggest benefit of using Dried Mealworms is that they can be easily rehydrated. As such, you do not have a high mortality rate as you do when using live worms. Also, dried mealworms stay fresh keeping their nutrients for up to twelve months. Buy Australia's top selling Dine A Chook Mealworms

If you have any photo's to share with us of your children feeding the chickens mealworms, send us an email. We'd love to share them on our Dine a chook Instagram page.

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