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Dine A Chook Poultry Drinker 2lt with Lubing Cup

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Compact Dine A Chook Poultry Drinker 2lt with Lubing Cup

Are you looking for the best drinker for your chickens? Lubing Cup Waterers are the industry-preferred hydration system due to the drip-free Drinking Cups that are specifically designed for minimal contamination with dirt, dust and feed.

Australia's favourite Poultry Drinker from Dine a Chook is now available in a compact 2 Litre size with a single Lubing Drinker Cup. This convenient chook drinker is the ideal choice:

  • For installation in small chook pens where space is at a premium

  • In breeding pens

  • As a second waterer to improve hydration in hot summer months - situate it in the shade where birds spend the hottest part of the day

  • For aviaries

  • As a Medication Drinker for delivering liquid vitamin supplements and medicines such as dewormers etc

  • When showing birds, as the water is protected from the spread of disease and the compact drinker is likely to fit in the small pens


Dine A Chook Poultry Drinker 2lt with Lubing Cup details:

  • 1 x 2 Litre Chicken Drinker with a single Lubing Cup outlet

  • 1 x Complimentary Mounting Kit containing 2 stainless steel brackets and 4 screws


We also stock 2 Litre Poultry Drinkers with twin Lubing Cups and chook drinkers with nipple outlets. Browse here.

Features of the 2 Litre Dine a Chook Poultry Drinker

  • Hand-built from Australian-manufactured parts
  • We use exclusively industrial-standard materials to ensure the longevity of our products

  • Our Drinkers are guaranteed lead-free and BPA-free

  • UV-treated PVC for long-term protection against photo-degradation - our Drinkers never become brittle or crack in the sun

  • No scrubbing - this drinker is algae- and mould-resistant

  • A snap-together assembly that means no weak-points like screws and no potential contaminants like rust or PVC glue

  • Designed for convenience: top-filling, lock on lid, carry handle, lid hook and built-in rear mounting hooks

  • No leaks, no drips

  • Fitted with a Lubing Cup Drinker Outlet providing hydration on-demand

  • Lubing Cups are designed to prevent contamination

  • All Lubing Cups have been upgraded with a Dine a Chook patented float for a more reliable fill


Dine a Chook Drinkers are suitable for chickens and other poultry, as well as many aviary and game birds.





Australian Quality Assurance

Our Chicken Drinkers are hand-built in Australia. That's right, HAND-built. You know you can rely on Dine a Chook to provide top-quality, reliable products. And our service is second-to-none too! Contact us today with questions or concerns!

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Product Reviews

  1. Absolutely wonderful. Product Rating

    Posted by Jordan on 11th Jul 2019

    The 100% best chicken watered I have ever owned. For a long time, I was going through several waterers a year because they cracked in the sun. Other waterers also got filthy very quickly by having dirt or feed kicked into them. Not this one! The only part I really have to clean is the cup, which may get a little algae in it, where other waterers were overcome in algae in as little as two days.

    I have had this waterer for over 2 years and it is still in the same condition it arrived in. Zero signs of weakening in the sun, or general degradation. My chickens love it, and use it much more happily than they did other waterers. I could not be happier!!

  2. Excellent quality Product Rating

    Posted by Michelle M on 26th Dec 2018

    Having had this waterer for a year now, I can say with confidence it is the best product out there for chooks. Their water stays clean, it’s easy to remove and refill (even my kids can do it) and I never have to worry about them tipping it over or running out in hot weather.