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What age do chickens lay eggs

What age do chickens lay eggs

What age do chickens lay eggs

So you have been waiting around, watching the coop daily and still nothing. You are now asking yourself, What age do chickens lay eggs?

Like most animals, a chicken has to mature before they start laying eggs. While different breeds can vary, pullets (young hens) start laying eggs between the age of 15 - 25 weeks. Most chickens in good health are mature enough by then to commence laying.

Signs your chicken is at an age to start laying eggs:

  • Have a look at your hen and compare it to others. Does it look like an adult? If so, it should start laying very soon.
  • Has it recently increased in weight around the abdomine? This is also a good guide it is getting ready to lay.
  • Does the comb, wattle and vent ( where the eggs come out ) shall appear larger and a deeper red?
  • The area between the pelvic bones and breastbone will become softer and larger.
  • The chicken shall also start to squat more.
  • They start to prepare their nesting area

So if your chickens are healthy, happy and looking mature, get the toast ready each morning for some beautiful fresh poached eggs. 

Remember to keep the protein up as it is essential for egg production. Choose a good chicken pellet feed which is supplemented with protein such as dried mealworms

Bon Apetit!

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