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Top ideas for better coop management

Top ideas for better coop management

You can help prevent illness in your flock by using good coop management ideas. A little work goes a long way to keeping your hens healthy and happy. 

Top ideas for managing your chicken coop.

How to properly manage a chicken coop

  1. Keep chickens dry

    Avoiding muddy puddles in the pen helps prevent the spread of disease and illness

  2. Nesting boxes

    Regularly change the nesting bedding so it is clean to prevent mites and lice.

  3. Clean the coop

    A good clean with natural Apple cider vinegar helps disinfect the coop without toxic chemicals

  4. Install dropping trays

    A dropping tray makes it easy to remove the droppings daily and keep the coop clean

  5. Install a rodent resistant chicken feeder

    Rodents are attracted to feed on the ground. You can help eliminate rodents by using a rodent resistant chicken feeder

  6. Ensure the coop is well ventilated

    Chickens need a well ventilated coop especially in warmer months. So plan the lay out of your coop so it is well ventilated but still offers protection from the wind and drafts.

  7. Elevate the coop

    Elevate the coop so it is off the ground to prevent it becoming damp, cold and also musty inside

  8. Collect the eggs every day

    It is important to collect the eggs regularly so hens do not become broody.

  9. Install an area for a dust bath

    Chickens use a dust bath as a natural way to get rid of mites and lice.

  10. Ensure adequate shade and hydration.

    Chickens need adequate water. Making an egg uses a lot of water. Ensure your chickens always have plenty of water on hand with a good quality Chicken drinkers. Also plan plenty of shaded areas to protect chickens and their water source from the heat of the day.

  11. Choose the best feed

    Top Quality feed offers essential nutrients and protein that chickens need. Also, it doesn't cost a lot. As well as a good quality feed, if you can have an area which allows chickens to forage in grass they will feel right at home.