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Top 21 Best Ever Chicken Jokes

Top 21 Best Ever Chicken Jokes

Chicken jokes have been around forever. As part of growing up, kids tell jokes to their friends at school. Jokes are a cool way to see if you can make your friends laugh. Here is our list of the Top 21 Best Ever Chicken Jokes.

1. How did the chicken with no legs cross the road?

In a KFC bucket.

2. What do chickens grow on?


3. What day do chickens hate the most?


4. Why are chickens good at drumming?

Because they have drumsticks.

5. What do you call it when a chicken lays an egg on the roof of a barn?

An egg roll.

6. Why did the chicken sit on the middle of the road?

She wanted to lay it on the line.

7. What do you get when you put a chicken in a concrete mixer?

A brick layer.

8. Why did the chicken cross the road?

To show the duck how to did it.

9. Did you hear about the chicken that only lays eggs in summer?

It's because she wasn't a spring chicken.

10. What is the name of a chicken with lettuce stuck in its eye?

Chicken Sees-A-Salad

11. Did you hear about the chicken police investigating a stolen egg from the coop?

They suspect fowl play.

12. A friend asked me, "How do you raise chickens?"

I answered, "Just try and wing it."

13. Why do chickens hate it in winter?

They feel cooped up.

14. Did you hear about the rooster who won the prize for the best bird?

He became very cocky.

15. Why do chickens not like bossy roosters?

Because they ruffle everyone's feathers.

16. What did the chicken say to her friend when they crossed the road?

I was expecting so much more.

why did the chicken cross the road

17. Why didn't the hen yell at her friend when she was really angry?

She was too chicken.

18. What do you call a rooster that lays an egg on the barn roof?

Nothing, roosters don't lay eggs.

19. Did you know chickens can jump higher than a house?

True. Houses can't jump.

20. Why don't chickens tell jokes to their eggs?

Because it might crack them up.

21. What did the rooster say to the chicken?

You are impeck-able

If your children have any great chicken jokes, ask them to send us an email. We'd love to hear them.

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