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The Problems with a Treadle Chicken feeder

The Problems with a Treadle Chicken feeder

The problems with a Chicken Treadle Feeder

A treadle feeder is generally a galvanised sheet metal feed box with a covered lid. The lid opens when a Hen stands on the treadle step. The concept has been around for many years. Available in different sizes to suit small, medium and large flock sizes. Despite the simplicity, the problems with a treadle chicken feeder are actually quite obvious.

On the face of it, the concept seems flawless. Hungry chicken, the lid opens, chicken feeds, chicken finishes, lid closes. But the reality is that Chicken Treadle Feeders have some design flaws which can cost you money, feed and the health of your flock.

Treadle feeders are not rodent-proof

Even though the concept of a treadle feeder appears like it might solve rat problems, in some cases they make it worse. Do not underestimate how smart rats are. Once they clue on the where the feed is, they work out how to access it. Surprisingly, as a group, they stand as a group on the treadle and open the feed bay. There are dozens of articles on the internet about this exact problem. 

Treadle feeders do not stop feed waste

A standard treadle feeder is just a big metal box with a lid. Nothing in the design or engineering stops feed being raked out onto the floor. As a result, it is questionable how much money a treadle feeder will coast you in the long term. There are three significant problems with feed on the coop or pen floor:

  1. It attracts rats and vermin
  2. Uneaten feed on the floor wastes your money.
  3. When eaten, it can harm the health of your hens. To be sure it is understood, feed contaminated with faeces (chicken poop) is a bad thing. Contaminated feed carries disease and illness throughout the flock.

Even if you install a floating steel grate with large apertures on the top of the feed although it lessens feed waste, it doesn't prevent it entirely.

Treadle feeders do not prevent feed getting wet

The feed will get wet if the lid is open during rain. If the rain is blowing in from the direction of the open lid when hens are feeding then feed will get wet and spoil. The other problem with wet feed is that it will increase its odour and likelihood to attract vermin, obviously, this is something you do not want.

Treadle feeders breakdown

Treadle feeders have some springs and also screws, hinges and other moving parts. It is crucial to realise like most things mechanical you by; quality determines lifespan. Depending on the quality of the treadle feeder you buy, these may rust or fatigue in a matter of months or years. This leaves you either replacing parts or shopping for a new feeder.

The Dine A Chook Difference

Dine A Chook Automatic Chicken Feeders address all the issues of a treadle feeder plus more. With this in mind, if are considering purchasing a new Chicken Feeder for your Backyard Pen or coop, you must try Dine A Chook. Over 50,000 Feeders sold worldwide.

  • Rodent resistant design
  • Stops wasted feed with our Silo inspired design
  • Patented rain hood and gutter prevents feed from getting wet
  • No moving parts that will fail or fatigue
  • Will not rust
  • Not cheaply made in China - Australian Made Quality Commercial PVC
  • Unbeatable Lifetime guarantee

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