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Poultry Clubs Australia

Poultry Clubs Australia

Poultry Clubs Australia

If you love being a backyard chicken or poultry keeper, then you you should consider becoming a poultry club member. Poultry clubs are all about meeting others who share the same passion, learning about poultry and keeping breeds active. Perhaps you can meet fellow chicken owners in person, or you may be able to learn more about your feathered friends in an online forum. Many of these forums allow you to ask questions, learn new techniques or to even find out where to buy that special hen you've been looking for

Poultry Clubs aren't just about chickens. Many clubs also represent keepers of waterfowl, ornamental birds, turkeys, geese, pigeons and also caged birds. Due to the popularity of Australian backyard chicken and poultry farming, there are local clubs all around the country. Many local clubs are run by volunteers who have an active interest in poultry, breeding and showing their birds at exhibitions. 

You should also keep in mind many of the volunteers in local poultry clubs started just like you. Over time, they to wanted to grow their backyard farm or extend their knowledge. While you can read all the books in the world, there is often nothing better than first-hand information from someone who has been there and done it. Hands on experience, tips and tricks can be so useful for backyard chicken enthusiasts.

Poultry Clubs versus Poultry Associations

So what is the difference between a Poultry Club and Poultry Association? Poultry associations are governing bodies of registered clubs. Poultry associations have more focus on shows and specialised breeding programs. They provide show judges and work with governments to ensure poultry guidelines and laws are followed when showing.This is important to protect your flock, and others, from disease.

Poultry Associations can help and guide you if you want to participate in poultry breeding as well as competitive exhibitions.

Australian Poultry Clubs Directory:

Here is a handy list of Poultry Clubs in different parts around Australia. If you would like to add your Poultry Club to our directory, please contact us to list your Poultry Club. Many poultry clubs are very affordable to join, and as a member, you become part of a community of poultry lovers who embrace backyard poultry keeping.

Poultry Clubs around Australia

NSW Poultry Clubs

Queensland Poultry Clubs

Victoria Poultry Clubs

South Australia Poultry Clubs

Western Australia Poultry Clubs

Find a local club:

We have found many Australian Poultry Clubs do not have a website; rather they have a Facebook Group Page or are contactable by email. Their details may be available online or on  Facebook. Search for the name of your area + poultry + group, e.g. Adelaide Poultry Group. you may find a group right around the corner that you never knew about. Or search for the breed you are interested in.

Also, you could contact one of the Australian Poultry Associations below and ask them about Poultry Clubs Australia in your area.

Breed-based Poultry Clubs

Australian Poultry Associations

Australian Poultry Associations represent local clubs, and many have a vast network of keepers which can be a great source of information and advice if you're starting out. A Poultry Association will happily provide you with information if you have an interest in breeding as well as exhibitions.

Helpful Poultry Association links:

Sadly many Poultry Associations have difficult to find websites, no website, and some only have a Facebook page. Here are the most recent links we can find for the below associations, so you don't have to spend hours looking. If you can't see the name of the Association you are looking for, contact your nearest Poultry Club for contact information.

South Australian Poultry Association

South Australian Poultry Association

The South Australian Poultry Association focuses on a commitment to active promotion of pure poultry breeds. The Association consists of many clubs throughout South Australia. They strive to embrace a dynamically positive member environment which promotes and educates all aspects for those wishing to breed and exhibit pure breeds of turkeys, waterfowl, bantams and fowl such as chickens and roosters. The Association have a keen focus in the protection of rare breeds. Contact the South Australian Poultry Association

Feather Clubs Association of Queensland

Feather Clubs Association of Queensland

With over 60 member clubs, the Feather Clubs Association of Queensland is the incorporated state body that represents local poultry clubs in Qld. They offer registration for those who wish to show exhibit their poultry at events. Feather Clubs Association covers all manner of show birds such as waterfowl, pigeons, cage birds as well as turkey. Proudly, they have opened an Avicultrural and Poultry Museum. The first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, it is situated in the Caboolture Historical Village just north of Brisbane. Learn about the Feather Clubs Associations QLD

Exhibitions Poultry Association NSW

The New South Wales exhibition poultry association is the place to become a member if you wish to actively seek to show your poultry, chickens, roosters, geese, ducks and cage birds. Contact EPANSW for further information on how to become a member.

Other helpful links:

Victoria: Victoria Poultry Fanciers Association

Western Australia: West Australia Poultry Association

South Australia: South Australia Poultry Association

Queensland: Feathers Club Poultry Association

New South Wales: Exhibitors Poultry Association

Rare Poultry Breeders Association - Maitland

Benefits of becoming a Poultry Club Member

There are many benefits to becoming a member at a local poultry club.

Knowledge: Members of poultry clubs love online forums and participating in group discussions. So regardless of whether you are new to backyard poultry keeping or an old hand, there is always something new to learn.

Contacts: Another great reason to be a member in Poultry Clubs Australia is the connections you will make. As you get to know other poultry enthusiasts in the club you will be able to discover the contact details for local breeders to increase your flock in size.

Exhibitions: Exhibiting your Birds: Of course joining a club is essential to show you birds to the judges at exhibitions and local shows. With a bit of effort, knowledge acquired and the right breed, you could have a winner in your flock.

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