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How to help flighty hens

How to help flighty hens

How to Help Flighty Hens

By their very nature, chickens and poultry in general stress very easily. Changes to their environment, heat and cold, not enough water and the list goes on. But there is also a condition known as flightiness. Flighty chickens run around screeching loudly, fluttering like they've gone mad. If your hens exhibit this kind of behaviour, here are some great simple and effective ways to help flighty hens.

  1. Let Them Know You Are Coming

    Chickens and poultry by nature are highly reactive and responsive. But they are also very intelligent birds capable of learning. So when you are approaching the chicken henhouse talk loudly from a distance so they don't startle.

  2. Calm, Calm, Calm

    Once at the chicken run, lower your voice and speak calmly with a gentle tone. By doing this, they will feel safe around you and over time be less flighty as you visit them.

  3. Speak to Them When Doing Chores

    If you are filling a feeder or drinker, speak gently to them so they learn what you are doing is safe and not a threat.

  4. Talk to Them When Scattering Treats

    Walk slowly and speak gently to them as you move through the chicken run scattering mealworms or greens. If repeated daily, your hens will learn you are safe, and you'll be surprised how fast they feel more relaxed around you.

  5. Consistency Helps Flighty Hens

    For the first week or two, try wearing the same clothes to the pen. Softly sing or hum the same tune. Over time, they will know it is you coming, and they lower their tendency to be afraid.

Helpful Tips: While it may sound like we are going overboard about the clothes, if you turn up in a rain jacket or have a high visibility shirt and hat on, you will see their reaction.

To help flighty hens the most, you need to spare a week or two and let them learn to know you.

It is very rewarding to have your chickens as stress-free as possible. Also, when they are less anxious you can start training them to come when you call their name