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How long do chickens live for?

How long do chickens live for?

How long do chickens live for?

The lifespan of a chicken depends on many things. The short answer to How long do chickens live for is an average between 8 - 10 years. Some can even live to 16 - 18 years. Certainly though that is an exception. If you have a chicken that old we would love to hear about it. 

How to extend the life of a chicken:

  • Feeding them a good pellet diet which contains essential nutrients
  • Avoiding feeding scratch or seed mix
  • Keeping them protected from adverse weather
  • Providing them with a stress-free environment
  • Maintaining a clean as well as a sanitary chicken coop and run

Also, realise that as chickens age they lay fewer eggs. Older hens still have plenty of other great uses. Did you know they eat flies, mosquitoes and also ticks? So older hens help keep the insects down. And, because they are laying less, they eat less.

They have been treasured by the family for a long time just the same as your cat or dog. They deserve a rest after years of service. Put simply, the more you care and look after your Backyard chickens helps determine how long your chicken will live for.

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