Dine-A-Chook Products Warranty Overview

This section outlines the Manufacturer’s Warranty provided by Dine-A-Chook Australia for various chicken feeder and drinker components. This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects. If a defect is identified, we will replace the product at no charge and cover all associated shipping costs. Please note that exclusions and specific conditions apply (detailed below).

    • Product: Dine-A-Chook Vertical Tube Feeders
      Warranty Period: 3 years


    • Product: Dine-A-Chook Vertical Tube Drinkers (excluding cups or nipples)
      Warranty Period: 3 years


    • Product: Lubing Cups & Lubing Nipples
      Warranty Period: 12 months


    • Product: Dine-A-Chook Waterer Outlet Frames
      Warranty Period: 3 years


    • Product: Mains Pressure Header Tank
      Warranty Period: 12 months for the tank, 3 years for components


  • Product: Black Drum Drinkers (excluding outlet frame, cups, or nipples)
    Warranty Period: 12 months

Warranty Terms and Conditions


  • Rodent damage is not covered.
  • Breakage of rear mounting hooks is covered only under specific conditions.
  • UV damage is generally covered, with certain exceptions.
  • Damage from Acts of God is not covered.
  • Damage caused by livestock, machinery, or human actions or inactions is not covered.
  • Normal wear and tear is not covered; misuse or negligence will void the warranty.
  • Damage incurred during installation is not covered.

Making a Claim

To activate any product warranty, the customer must:

  • Submit claims within 2 weeks of noticing the defect or damage.
  • Contact Dine-A-Chook (Four Chickens Pty Ltd) in writing with details of the issue.
  • Provide photographic evidence and the original purchase receipt.
  • Work with Dine-A-Chook to address and resolve the issue.
  • Adhere to the outlined returns procedure if a product return is requested.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Dine-A-Chook, we strive for customer satisfaction. In addition to rights under Australian Consumer Law, we offer a satisfaction guarantee:

  • Returns are accepted within 3 days of receipt.
  • Customers are responsible for return shipping costs, unless the item is defective.

Returns and Refunds

Returns are permitted under the following circumstances:

  • Incorrect item shipped.
  • Item arrived damaged.
  • Legitimate returns protected under Australian Consumer Law.
  • Change of mind within 3 days of receipt, notified to Four Chickens Pty Ltd.
  • Errors on our part.

Outside of Warranty Period

Dine-A-Chook stands behind the quality of its chicken feeders and drinkers. If a unit fails outside the warranty period but has been maintained and used correctly, we will consider your claim. Here’s our process:

If a claim is approved, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.