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The below table outlines the Manufacturer’s Warranty offered by Dine a Chook Australia for Chicken Feeder and Drinker components. This is a limited warranty offered against manufacturing defects. In the event of a product being found to have a manufacturing defect, we will replace the item free-of-charge and cover all transit costs. Exclusions and conditions apply (see below). 

For other products stocked on this website, please refer to the specific product information page for warranty information (where applicable).

Dine a Chook also offers a limited Satisfaction Guarantee. See below for details.

Product Warranty period
Dine A Chook Vertical Tube Feeders 3 years
Dine A Chook Vertical Tube Drinkers (excluding cups or nipples) 3 years
Lubing Cups & Lubing Nipples 12 months
Dine A Chook Waterer Outlet frames 3 years
Mains pressure header tank 12 months on tank / 3 years on pvc components
Black Drum Drinkers (excluding outlet frame, cups or nipples) 12 months

Warranty Terms and Conditions


The following exclusions apply to all Dine a Chook guarantees, including the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Rodent damage is not covered in any form. Our Feeders are designed to help make the chicken coop rodent resistant by keeping feed off the floor and making it more difficult to access food in the feeder. We make no claims that our Feeders are rodent proof or will eradicate rodent problems. If you have rodents in the chicken coop, it is your responsibility to deal with the problem. The only way to remove rodents is with a baiting or trapping program. 

Breakage of the rear mounting hooks is only covered where the customer can prove that the following conditions were met:

  1. The unit was mounted according to instructions 
  2. The unit was mounted using the two steel brackets supplied by Dine a Chook
  3. Weight was distributed evenly between the top and bottom mounting hook
  4. Where mounted on wire mesh, a Wire Mesh Mounting Kit and the Dine a Chook brackets were used
  5. The unit was not inadvertently knocked or damaged by livestock (not including poultry) or machinery

Outside of 3 months of purchase any postage costs incurred by Four Chickens Pty Ltd in replacing units with rear-mounting hook damage are the responsibility of the customer, even where the above conditions were met. 

UV damage is covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty with the exception of any fading, colour loss orchange of colour.

Acts of God are not covered by the Warranty.

Damage resulting from livestock (not including poultry), machinery or human action/inaction is not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Damage sustained through standard daily use as per the product instructions is covered by the Warranty. However, failure to correctly install or maintain the unit, mishandling, negligence or using the unit in a manner not intended or recommended by the manufacturer will render any guarantees or warranties invalid. 

Breakage and damage during installation are not covered by warranty. 

Making a claim

In order to activate any product warranty, the customer must:

  • Make any claims within 2 weeks of the defect/damage becoming apparent.
  • Notify Dine a Chook (Four Chickens Pty Ltd) in writing of the nature of the defect or damage.
  • Provide Dine a Chook (Four Chickens Pty Ltd) with photographs or any other requested evidence in order to prove that the use of the product and nature of the defect/damage meet warranty conditions.
  • Provide Dine a Chook (Four Chickens Pty Ltd) with a valid proof of purchase demonstrating that the product is still within warranty.
  • Negotiate with Dine a Chook (Four Chickens Pty Ltd) to rectify the problem. The customer may be offered a replacement, repair, refund or store credit, depending on the nature of the problem. 
  • Follow the returns procedure outlined below if a return of the faulty product is requested.

Guarantees and warranties will only be honoured where the customer meets the conditions outlined in these terms and conditions.

Dine a Chook Satisfaction Guarantee 

We want our customers to be happy and understand if they change their mind. In addition to the rights protected by Australian Consumer Law, we also offer the following satisfaction guarantee:

We will accept returns for a refund or exchange where the customer notifies Four Chickens Pty Ltd of their decision within 3 days of receiving the goods and provides reasons. 

Where a customer makes a return on the basis of satisfaction or change of mind, they will be responsible for return postage. Any freight costs paid by Four Chickens Pty Ltd, which may be greater than the amount initially charged to the customer, will be deducted from their refund.

Returns and refunds

Returns will be accepted where:

  • We have sent the wrong item
  • An order arrives damaged
  • The customer has a right to a return protected by Australian Consumer Law
  • The customer has changed their mind and notifies Four Chickens Pty Ltd within 3 days of receiving the order
  • We are otherwise at fault

Customers may be offered a refund, store-credit or exchange, at the discretion of Four Chickens Pty Ltd and in compliance with Australian Consumer Law. Refunds can only be provided by the same manner in which the original purchase was made, for example to the customer’s original credit card or bank account.

Customers seeking a return or refund, regardless of whether Four Chickens Pty Ltd is at fault, must meet the following conditions. Where they do not, they waive any right to a return or refund except those protected by Australian Consumer Law.

  1. Four Chickens Pty Ltd is notified by the customer of the return request as soon as possible after receiving the order and no later than 3 days after receiving the order (this includes for erroneous orders or damaged goods).
  2. The customer provides Four Chickens Pty Ltd with a valid proof of purchase, if requested.
  3. Four Chickens Pty Ltd grants approval for the return by phone or email, or otherwise rectifies the problem in a manner agreed by the customer (e.g. by sending a missing item, replacing a damaged item etc.).
  4. The customer returns the item via registered and insured post. The customer must also send the tracking number to Four Chickens Pty Ltd. We will not honour returns that are lost or damaged in transit unless they have been sent via registered and insured post.
  5. On receipt of the return, Four Chickens Pty Ltd will provide an exchange, store-credit or refund as previously agreed with the customer and in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.

Where we are at fault, the customer may be refunded or given store-credit for return-postage paid or for postage paid to ship additional goods. However, the refund of postage is not guaranteed and will be decided at our discretion on a case-by-case basis. 

In the case of ‘change of mind’, the customer will be refunded their payment minus all freight charges incurred by Four Chickens Pty Ltd. In case of free shipping or where we have subsidised freight charges (most commonly deliveries of bulky items or deliveries to rural/international areas), the entire freight charge, which may be greater than the amount paid by the customer at purchase, will be deducted from the refund.

Outside of our warranty period?

We proudly stand behind the quality of Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders and Drinkers. Should one of our units be outside of the warranty period and develop a fault, please contact us. If we can see that the unit has been looked after and used according to instructions, we will certainly consider your claim. 

In the case of any claim granted outside of the warranty period, the customer is responsible for covering all transit costs.