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Snake Defence Multi Pulse Snake Repeller 6 Units

  • Snake Defence Multi Pulse Snake Repeller 6 Units
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Our amazing Snake Defence Multi Pulse Snake Repeller 6 Units Value Package gives you Huge coverage and brings the price down per 

One of the most advanced Snake Repellers on the market. The Snake Defence Multi Pulse Snake Repeller is also known as the Snake Defence MP Plus Solar. Using Smart Intuitive technology is helps rid you of Snakes.

And did we mention how Easy it is to install. You won't need a Masters Degree to get your Snake Proof Area up and running. It can be used safely around Children, Pets, Poultry as well as Livestock. Use it in Gardens, Farms, Parks and other outdoor spaces. It is also Lightweight. It is the perfect companion for Picnics and also Caravan or Camping Trips.

The Snake Defence Multi Pulse Snake Repeller differs from many inferior Repellers by design and use of advanced technology.

How Does The Snake Defence Multi Pulse Snake Repeller Work?

Snakes sense unusual or vibration patterns as potential threat. They try to avoid threat by going elsewhere. The Snake Defence Repeller creates variable pulses and sounds. Snakes pick up on these signals as danger and move away. Unlike other Snake Repellers that emit the same signal which snakes get used to, the Snake Defence MP Plus changes its vibration patterns. This avoids snakes getting used to them. The Snake Defence MP Plus produces differing Vibration and Sounds every 50 seconds. Every two days it changes the Pulse Patterns. The result is a highly effective, Superior Snake Repeller. For you this translates to no snakes.  

Coverage Area

Each unit covers an area of approximately 700 square metres in all directions and a radius of up to 15 metres. Keep an overlap of 5 metres. This would mean units are positioned at about 25 metres apart from each other.

Snake Defence Multi Pulse Snake Repeller details

Extremely easy to install and operate and packed full of smart features.

• External on/off switch with external access to the battery compartment
• Optional main power charging adapter
• 50-second vibration spacing
• Long-lasting rechargeable battery that is solar powered
• Works through the day as well as night
• Non-toxic and safe to use around children, farm animals and pets
• 100 percent money back guarantee

Buy with the confidence. Clever design, Made to Last and more importantly do the job. 

Also Available in an even better Value Pack - Snake Defence MP Plus Solar 10 Units


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