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Showbird Breeder MP 20kg - Pick Up Townsville

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Good nutrition management is key to successful poultry breeding - Townsville store collect only. Delivery available for small charge

Pickup at 16 Camuglia Street Garbutt or Delivery to 4813, 4818, 4812, 4811, 4814, 4817, 4810, 4815 only $6.


All backyard chicken keepers know that good nutrition is the key to poultry health and reliable egg production. Poor nutrition affects the overall health of laying hens, thus reducing their productivity as well as their life expectancy.

However, in breeding stock, nutrition is even more important, as poor health will not only affect breeder performance, but will also affect the quality and quantity of chicks produced.

A layer mash can be used as a complete ration for breeding poultry, but for regular breeders, a specially formulated feed such as Laucke Mills Showbird Breeder MP is recommended.

Layer-specific feeds support reliable egg production, but breeder feeds ensure birds receive the nutrients needed to produce not just eggs, but high-quality chicks as well, maintaining breeder flock health and the genetic quality of the stock in the long term.

Dine a Chook recommends Laucke Mills Showbird Breeder MP

Breeding poultry have additional nutrient requirements that must be met to ensure high-quality egg production and fertility, as well as strong, healthy chicks.

Laucke Mills Showbird Breeder MP is a complete ration for breeding birds, manufactured from high-quality, natural ingredients. It contains balanced amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and is supplemented with vitamins and minerals to ensure optimum health both in breeding stock and in the next generation.

Laucke Mills special micro-pellets are designed to suit birds of all sizes and can be used with most chicken feeders. The no-grind technology makes for a courser pellet, which is more appealing than standard pellets.

Come in and see us at our Townsville store for more advice on keeping and breeding chickens. Laucke Mills Showbird Breeder MP, a range of other chicken feeds, and Dine a Chook products, are available.


Laucke Mills Showbird Breeder MP Features


  • Scientifically formulated to meet the additional nutrient requirements of breeding birds
  • Suitable for all breeds of chicken, as well as ducks, geese, turkeys and other game birds
  • Provides a complete diet
  • Made from high quality, natural ingredients
  • Supplemented with key vitamins and minerals for high-quality egg production
  • Micro-pellets aid consumption by smaller birds and are suited to a range of feeder types
  • No-grind manufacturing creates a courser, more appetising pellet


Provide free access to feed for the best results. Always ensure that chickens have ample access to fresh water.

Laucke Mills Showbird Breeder MP is the perfect choice for use with Dine a Chook’s no-waste feeders.

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  1. Quality feed for healthy breeding chooks Product Rating

    Posted by Trish Prendergast on 10th Apr 2017

    Lauke's Showbird is a COMPLETE diet for my Wyandottes - standard and bantam. High protein for good egg production which also means healthy chicks! I find the pellets are more palatable and there is very little wastage. Highly recommend Ryan at Dine a chook Townsville, very helpful!