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Reefe RVS200 Vortex Submersible Sump Pump

  • REEFE RVS200 Premium Vortex Pump. This pump, manufactured from top-quality materials, is guaranteed to be reliable. With a 2-year warranty. Available from Dine a Chook ® Australia.
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Reefe Pumps - The Number One Choice for Reliability

There are so many submersible pumps on the market that it can be difficult to know what to look for. When choosing a sump pump, quality should be your primary concern; high-quality pumps are more reliable and easily accomplish even the most demanding tasks. In the long run, investing in a better quality pump will save you time and money spent on trouble-shooting and repairs.

When choosing a submersible pump, consider the following:


  • Unless you know you will be pumping pure water, look for an impellor capable of handling soft and stringy solids. An impellor such as a Vortex will prevent clogging and stoppages.
  • One of the greatest dangers with a submersible pump is leakage. A double-sealed motor chamber and corrosion-resistant housing are your best protection.
  • Motor burnouts can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Investing in a pump with built-in overload protection and motor insulation of Class F or higher will protect from overheating and extend the working-life of your motor.
  • Mechanical regulators are a key element of submersible pumps. However, if a regulator fails the results can be catastrophic: flooding can occur, or alternatively the motor can burnout. For this reason, a high-quality regulator with a solid float is recommended.
  • If you are investing in a pump, you want the manufacturer to have faith in its construction. Look for a reputable company that backs its product with an extended warranty.


Reefe Ultra-high Quality Pumps for the most demanding jobs

The REEFE Vortex Premium Submersible Pump Series features ultra-high quality, industrial-grade sump pumps suitable for a variety of applications. All Vortex Premium pumps are factory-tested and feature an extended, 2-year warranty.

The RVS200 Sump Pump is REEFE’s smallest industrial-grade pump. However, it features the same reliable construction as all of REEFE’s Premium submersible pumps. Incorporating a stainless steel motor housing with a dual mechanical seal, and a corrosion-resistant cast iron base, the extremely reliable construction shows that this pump is built to last.

The REEFE RVS200 retains the power of an industrial pump, with an indestructible cast-iron Vortex impellor capable of handling soft solids up to 25 millimetres. This pump, fitted with thermal overload protection and a MAC3 mechanical float switch, has a maximum pumping height of 8 metres and can move up to 200 litres per minute. Class F motor insulation has been used to increase the working life of the pump by 6000 hours.

The REEFE RVS200 is recommended for use in:


  • Grey water pits
  • Waste-water treatment systems
  • Sullage pumping
  • Pool, pond and tank maintenance
  • Biocycling


Features of the REEFE RVS200 Premium Vortex Pump


  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and cast iron.
  • Fitted with thermal overload protection.
  • The heavy-duty Vortex impellor is fabricated from cast iron for a longer working life and improved ability to cope with soft solids.
  • Motor insulation is Class F (protection up to 155oC)
  • While powerful enough to cope with the most demanding jobs, the REEFE RVS200 is energy conserving, with low power consumption.
  • REEFE only uses the highest-quality, Italian-made MAC3 float switches.
  • Includes a complementary hosetail and 10 m power cable.
  • Factory-tested and guaranteed to be of exceptionally high quality.


The exceptionally reliable construction of the REEFE RVS200 is backed by a 2-year guarantee.

Technical Specifications of the REEFE RVS200 Premium Vortex Submersible Pump

  • Measurements (length x width x height): 190 x 130 x 320 mm
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Head: 8 m
  • Maximum flow: 200 L/minute
  • Soft solids: Up to 25 mm
  • Outlet: 40 mm
  • Power consumption: 2 amps/250 watts

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