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Mineral Block for Pigeons and Aviary Birds

  • Mineral Block (500 g) for Pigeons and Aviary Birds. A complete source of calcium, hard grit and essential trace elements. Available from Dine a Chook ® Australia.
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Feeding pigeons – nutrition for conditioning | Dine a Chook  ®

Grain and seeds comprise much of the intake of wild pigeons, but birds cannot thrive on a diet of these foods alone. In the wild, healthy pigeons will also consume fruits, vegetable matter and insects, as well as an assortment of dirt, stones and shells. This varied diet gives wild pigeons access to the broad range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are needed for good health. 

Although you may provide your pigeons with added “natural” foods such as fruit and greens, ultimately it is very difficult to replicate the breadth of a wild diet. Due to the demands of racing and breeding, it is rare that even a “complete” pelleted feed contains all of the vitamins and minerals required by pigeons in the loft. This is why birds that are allowed to “free range” so enthusiastically pick at dirt and stones, or seek out insects in the garden.

Although a small imbalance or deficiency in the diet is unlikely to cause identifiable symptoms, in the long run it will affect bird health. This is of particular importance in brood stock, as deficiencies are passed on to hatchlings. Symptoms of mild deficiencies, such as lethargy, poor growth and increased susceptibility to parasites and disease, are fairly general and are often wrongly attributed to environmental factors when they could, in fact, be easily avoided by providing a balanced diet.

In order to provide pigeons with a complete diet that will improve racing condition and ensure successful reproduction, it is necessary to supplement their ration with essential vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet will lead to healthier, more robust birds with improved stamina and strength, and better quality off-spring.


What to feed racing pigeons

Grain alone does not constitute a balanced diet for pigeons. At the very least, grain MUST be supplemented with grit in order to allow birds to digest their food. However, ideally, a grain-based diet for conditioning racing pigeons or breeders, should be supplemented by:


  • Calcium, in particular for fledglings and brood stock
  • Minerals and trace elements, including iron, iodine, zinc and magnesium, generally found in “soft” grit
  • Hard grit to aid digestion
  • Vitamins, including B-group vitamins and vitamin D, as well as vitamins C, A, E and K


While creating a feeding program for pigeons that addresses all of these dietary requirements may seem complicated, it can actually be relatively simple. A basic conditioning diet is:


  • A grain mix constituted to meet the protein requirements of birds (Further Reading)
  • A source of minerals and trace elements
  • A vitamin supplement


Therefore, a feeding program with the least number of supplements might be:


  • Grain mix
  • A Mineral Block to provide hard and soft grits, calcium, minerals and a range of trace elements
  • A vitamin supplement containing B-group vitamins, for example D-3 Vita


Many breeders also highly recommend the addition of a probiotic to the feeding program in order to improve digestive function and immune-system health. A liquid probiotic can be used or the Mineral Block in the feeding program outlined above could be replaced by BVM Powder, which will provide minerals and probiotics, accompanied by another source of hard grits and a calcium supplement such as D-3 Liquid Calcium or Calcium Cake.


Mineral supplements for pigeons

The Mineral Block for Pigeons and Aviary Birds available from Dine a Chook ® is a complete mineral supplement. It has been formulated specifically for pigeon conditioning, and is part of a balanced ration program.

This Mineral Block contains:


  • Four hard grits to aid digestive function.
  • Three naturally occurring sources of calcium, including sterilised seashells and egg shells, in order to improve feather quality, ensure strong bones and aid reproduction.
  • Trace elements not commonly available in feeds, including iodine, iron, sulphur and magnesium.
  • Seaweed, in order to provide sea minerals and make the block palatable to birds.


These minerals and grits, balanced to mimic a natural diet, are suspended in a tentonite clay matrix designed to break into bite-sized morsels when pecked. With these convenient pick stones, birds can be allowed to self-regulate intake, ensuring that each individual bird receives the nutrition that it needs.

Recommended for quail, doves, passerine birds and pigeons. No loft or aviary is complete without a Mineral Block from Dine a Chook ® Australia.

Features of Mineral Block for Pigeons and Aviary Birds (500 g)


  • This 500 g Pick Stone will last for months.
  • Specifically formulated for racing pigeon conditioning and for breeding birds.
  • Containing a range of hard grits, calcium, trace elements and sea minerals in order to ensure a balanced, nutritionally sound diet.
  • All elements and minerals are provided in a highly absorbable form.
  • A sterile and hygienic source of calcium and grits.
  • Highly palatable.
  • Designed for self-regulation.
  • Convenient ‘set up and forget’ form.
  • Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients.


How to use Mineral Blocks for Pigeons and Aviary Birds

Unwrap the pick stone. Situate the block in a clean, dry position where it will not become contaminated by birds walking or defecating on it. Protect from the elements.

Check the block regularly for contamination. Scrub lightly with a brush or scourer to remove soiled areas. Replace as necessary.

Note that not all aviary birds require hard grit for digestive purposes, and the over-consumption of grit in psittacines (parrots, budgerigars, cockatiels etc) and passerines (finches, canaries, songbirds) can lead to health problems. For these birds, a liquid vitamin supplement such as those found here (D-3 Vita and Liquid Vitamins) is recommended.

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