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Dried Mealworms 10.2kg Bulk Buy

  • BULK Dried Mealworms - Discount! Save $$$ when you buy Dried Mealworms in BULK. This 10.2 kg pack contains over 300 000 worms. Feeding to chickens daily may increase egg production. Or include in the balanced diet of reptiles, fish and other pets. 12 month + shelf life!
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Feed the Masses with our Top Selling Dried Natural Mealworms Bulk Buy for Chickens, Reptiles and Birds

Dried Mealworms are a recommended source of protein and essential amino acids for pets. Why not stock up on this easy-to-use insect treat in a convenient dehydrated pack? Not only are you getting more protein per dollar than with live insects, Dried Mealworms also keep over 6 times longer.

Feeding Dried Mealworms to your chickens may increase laying and hasten recovery from moulting. Chickens should be fed 10-12 Dried Mealworms every day or so, so why not buy in bulk and save money?

Or buy Dried Mealworms to feed to pet lizards and turtles. Mealworms can also be fed to rodents, sugar gliders, oscars, fish and many other pets.

BULK Dried Mealworms are available with considerable savings.

Dine A Chook Dried Mealworms 10.2kg Bulk Buy details 

  • 100 % Natural Dried Mealworms

  • Over 300 000 worms!

  • Guaranteed free from chemical additives and preservatives 

  • Rich in essential proteins, amino acids and nutrients for optimum health and performance

  • No refrigeration needed

  • Resealable pack

Dried Mealworms are part of a balanced diet for reptiles, amphibians, chickens and birds, fish, rodents and other pets. 

Typical analysis 

  • 53 % protein

  • 28 % fat

  • 6 % fibre

  • 5 % moisture

Recommended Use

Dried Mealworms can be used for: 

  • A natural source of protein in a balanced diet

  • A reward when taming and training pets

  • A performance-boosting treat

  • Encouraging foraging

  • Attracting birds and wildlife to your yard

Always ensure water is available when using dehydrated food. Mealworms can also be rehydrated - instructions here.


The Dine a Chook Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers, and that includes sourcing the best possible products. When we couldn't find a satisfactory chicken feeder, we started hand-building our own, so you can imagine the lengths we were willing to go to in order to find the highest quality mealworms available. We have visited our Mealworm supplier and know that these protein-rich insects are good enough for our chooks, and yours! Our Mealworms go above and beyond the Australian Import Standards - they are guaranteed fed on a GMO-free, vegetarian diet.

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