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Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade - 1 kg

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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is loved by natural poultry keepers for its ability to fight pests and vermin without poison. Using diatomaceous earth in the chicken coop is recommended as a natural control method for mites, lice and other insect pests. Many also believe that DE can help protect chickens from worms and internal parasites. 

Diatomaceous Earth (1 kg) - Food Grade Details:

  • 100 % natural product

  • Finely ground

  • Suitable for both human and animal use

  • Safe for consumption

  • A 1 kg bag will last for months in most households

  • A natural insecticide

  • Great for cleaning

  • Essential for the garden

A completely natural product

Diatomaceous earth is a completely natural product. It is actually a soft, sedimentary rock, high in silica, that is made of fossilised algae. DE is a useful natural product for the home and chicken coop because the particles of fossilised algae, called diatoms, have extremely sharp, abrasive edges. These edges make DE a common addition to abrasive cleaning products, as well as an effective natural insecticide. DE is ground to a variety of grades, including very fine food grade and coarser poultry grade.

A natural insecticide

Diatomaceous earth is a very effective natural insecticide that works without poison. The fine, dry dust absorbs the natural oils and fats in an insect's body, essentially dehydrating them, while the sharp edges of the DE particles cut into the exoskeleton, helping this process along. DE is effective against all kinds of insects, including slugs, snails, mites, lice, ants and other pests. It is important to be aware that because DE kills all insects, it shouldn't be placed anywhere it will harm beneficial insects such as bees and other pollinators.

Help prevent illness and disease

Insect pests, and especially lice and mites, spread illness and disease in the chicken coop. Constant blood loss weakens birds, making them susceptible to other common illnesses such as worms and coccidiosis. As mites and lice move from bird to bird, or from wild birds to your chickens, they also carry diseases. Using DE to combat pest insects can help strengthen birds and prevent the spread of disease. 

How to use diatomaceous earth in the chicken coop

Natural chicken keepers recommend DE for a range of things, including:

  • Added to the dust bath so chickens can self-treat for lice and mites.
  • Sprinkled around the pen to kill insect pests. Be particularly generous in cracks and corners where lice and mites hide and breed.
  • To kill ants and other insect pests.

DE is also touted to reduce the smell of chicken droppings and is popular with gardeners for its ability to add silica to the soil and to protect plants against slugs and snails. 

Be careful!

Food grade diatomaceous earth is of a quality safe for human consumption. But like all products with fine particles, including baking flour, diatomaceous earth can be damaging if inhaled. Protect yourself by wearing a mask and gloves, and be especially careful when sprinkling it around the chicken coop. Protect your birds by sprinkling DE when they are not in the coop or by using Poultry Grade DE which has larger particles and is less likely to be inhaled.

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