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Chicken Feeder 4.7 Litre

  • Chicken Feeder by Dine a Chook. The best quality purpose-built feeding system for chickens. May reduce rodents as part of good coop management. Hand-built in Australia from Australian manufactured parts.
  • Dine a Chook feeder brackets - supplied with all feeders and drinkers for easy installation in your chicken coop. Tool-free installation with the moulded rear mounting hooks is also possible in many modern chicken coops.
  • Patented feeding bay inspired by commercial silos. The interior paddles prevent raking and thrashing so that this Chicken Feeder is as close to a no-waste feeder as you can get! Reducing waste also helps to deter vermin who are attracted by an easy source of food - spilled chicken feed!
  • The patented Dine a Chook Feed Delivery System is suitable for most commercial chicken feed. We recommend a crumbed or pelleted complete feed. Want to know why? Visit our Learning Centre for a complete guide to feeding backyard chickens for optimum nutrition and egg production.
  • Clean, easy re-filling with the handy lid hook on our Waste Reducing Chicken Feeders.
  • Chicken feeder with carry handle | Dine a Chook.
  • Our moulded rear mounting hooks make installation of your new Chicken Feeder easy. They work seamlessly with our complimentary Mounting Kit and can be used for tool-free installation in many coops.
  • Chickens love our Dine a Chook Feeders. And so do turkeys, geese, ducks, guinea hens and other backyard poultry!
  • Rear hooks for easy installation. You can rely on Dine a Chook - 100 % Australian made!
  • Chicken Feeder with rain gutter. This Feeder is all weather-proof and designed to keep the feeding bay dry even in tropical downpours.
  • All Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders are guaranteed 100% Lead-free, BPA-free, Glue-free and Silicone-free. So you know that your chickens are getting contaminant-free feed.
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The Dine a Chook Waste-reducing Chicken Feeder 4.7lt saves you money and deters rodents. 

Rats, Mice and other pests are attracted to the Chicken Coop because of food spilled from a standard feeder. The Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder is the way to almost rid yourself from Food Spillage that attracts Vermin. Also because there is less food on the grow, that means savings in the long run for you. 

While there is no rodent proof Feeder, a Dine A Chook Feeder is your best chance thanks to its innovative design. Our Patented No Spill Feeding Bay is helps prevents chickens from thrashing. Fitted with clever interior paddles, Chickens are unable to thrash or rake feed. Almost every bit of feed ends up in the Hens not on the floor. 

With years of serving proud backyad farmers, the Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder 4.7lt is installed in thousands of Chicken Coops around the country. The money you save in feed pays for the Feeder in no time. If you have rodent problems please visit our Learning Centre for Professional Advice on Managing Rodent Infestations. 

Chicken Feeder 4.7lt details:

  • Chicken feeder 4.7lt 

  • 720ml tall

  • Complimentary Mounting Kit

  • Feeds up to 12 Birds

  • Holds enough food for 6 Birds up to 4 days depending on conditions.

  • Perfect for Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys and other Poultry.  


Features of the Dine a Chook Waste-Reducing Chicken Feeder 4.7lt

  • 100 % Australian made and manufactured

  •  Industrial-grade PVC guaranteed to be lead- and BPA-free

  • UV resistant 

  • No glue, screws or silicone to leak, break or wear out

  • The patented rain hood and gutter system is designed to keep the feeding bay dry even in North Queensland's tropical downpours

  • Adjustable-depth feeding bay for use with the majority of commercial chicken feeds

  • A silo-inspired no-waste design including our patented horizontal and vertical paddles to prevent raking and thrashing

  • May help to deter rodents, wild birds and other unwanted pests

  • Carry handle

  • Lid-hook for cleaner re-filling

  • Tool-free installation in many coops using the built in rear hooks


Australian Quality Assurance


Dine a Chook began when spilled feed from our own backyard chooks started to cause mess and rodent problems. In frustration, we tried Chicken Feeder after Chicken Feeder that just didn't work. We were on the point of giving away our chooks when my father came up with a solution - a solution that was so succesful it became the first Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder. 10 years later, our Chicken Feeders are still hand-built and they still work hard to help reduce waste and mess in the chicken coop. We know they are the best possible quality and that is why we provide a lifetime guarantee against standard wear and tear.

Managing Vermin in the Chicken Coop

Although a Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder may help to manage vermin in the chicken coop, there is no feeder that will solve all of your pest problems. Ultimately, preventing rats and waste comes down to good coop management, choosing the right chicken feed and using the correct feeding methods. Visit our Learning Centre for our Guide to Good Coop Management, advice on choosing the best chicken feed for use with a waste-reducing feeder, and more! 

We are dedicated to providing top quality service - if you cannot find what you are looking for or would like a personal consultation, please contact us! 

Dine a Chook® 4.7 Litre Chicken Feeder. Made in Australia. Water-tight, industrial-grade PVC design. Patented feed delivery system prevents waste and is practically rodent-proof. This feeder will pay for itself in no time!

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Product Reviews

  1. A great buy!

    Posted by Layla on 3rd Nov 2013

    Wonderful. Well desigined and well built. Very easy to install and the chooks learnt straight away how to use it. A great buy.

  2. best ever

    Posted by Noelle on 14th Nov 2012

    I was a bit sceptical that i was spending a fair bit of money because i was to lazy to refresh the water every day .
    Now i relise that my chickens never have to eat feed thats had rats in it or water thats not clean.
    I can go away for a weekend and know they are being fed, well worth the money.

  3. Simply the best feeder ever!

    Posted by Fiona on 25th Oct 2012

    I really love this feeder!
    Absolutely no waste, no mess & my chooks wasted no time in working out how to use it. Best of all the wild birds can't use it and neither can rats!
    Thanks for making such a wonderful product AND for keeping the price reasonable too.

  4. Fabulous product

    Posted by Unknown on 15th May 2012

    This product is the best. The chooks took to it straight away. Mess free, fuss free. We only have a small run so space is at a premium. This product keeps the feed up and out of the way. Easy to access to top up the feed. Love it!!