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Calcium Cake for Pigeons and Parrots

  • Calcium Cake for Pigeons and Parrots
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Calcium Cake for Pigeons and Parrots 500g details


  • 500 g Cake will last for months.
  • Developed to provide for the calcium needs of breeding stock and other aviary birds.
  • Recommended for year-round use.
  • Active ingredients include: Calcium, minerals and trace elements vital for health and well-being.
  • Containing natural calcium sources in an easily absorbable and sterile form.
  • Highly palatable to birds and designed to promote self-regulation of calcium intake without overdose.
  • Convenient ‘set up and forget’ block.


Why do pigeons need a calcium supplement? | Dine a Chook  ®

Calcium, which is essential for healthy bone development, is the most abundant mineral in the body. And it is even more important for birds, as it is also vital for the formation of feathers and eggs. This is particularly the case for atricial birds, such as pigeons, which have a higher growth rate once hatched than other birds.  

A calcium supplement is a recommended part of a balanced pigeon nutrition program. Even “complete” pelleted rations rarely have sufficient calcium for pigeons, and this is particularly the case for racing birds, breeders and hatchlings.

Racing pigeons need extra calcium to maintain strong bones and to replace the nutrients that are lost through stress and exertion when they race.

Breeding pigeons also require access to additional calcium. This is important both for the health of the stock birds, and for the health of the brood. Calcium deficiency can affect all elements of reproductive health, leading to reduced clutch sizes; poor egg-quality such as soft or brittle shells; small, weak and/or malformed chicks; and low hatch rates. Hens that breed without calcium supplementation may suffer from egg-binding or prolapse, and will eventually deplete medullary calcium stores to a level which can cause deformity and death. And calcium supplementation is also important once clutches have hatched, in order to promote bone development, feather growth and weight gain in the hatchlings without depleting the condition of the parent birds.

Do parrots need a calcium supplement?

Like pigeons, parrots rely on calcium for the formation of feathers and bones. It is also very important for reproductive health. Pigeons just liken Parrots are atricial, but due to reproductive peculiarities, they have even higher calcium requirements both for breeders and for hatchlings.

The best source of calcium for birds

Calcium is rarely sufficient for breeding without the addition of a supplement. Bird feeds do not have enough added calcium that Birds would find in the wild. 

“Hard” source calcium, such as shell-grit and cuttlebones, mimics a wild diet. Many bird owners favor these calcium supplements because they can install them in the coop and rely on the birds to regulate their own intake without the risk of calcium overdose. However, calcium is absorbed very slowly from these sources. Also much of it is lost simply passing out of the digestive system. Aviary birds breed much more profusely due to improved conditions such as protection from predators and as well as an abundance of food. Therefore it is essential they get more calcium than wild birds.

Calcium Cake Pick Stones combine high levels of calcium with the convenience of a “hard” source. They contain highly available particulate calcium, which is easily absorbed by the avian digestive system. The calcium is suspended in a palatable mineral block. Simply set up in the cage or Aviary for birds to regulate their own calcium intake without the risk of overdosing.

Formulated with the needs of breeding birds in mind, Calcium Cake is a reliable, convenient calcium source. It can be used all year round. This easy, ‘set up and forget’ block is made natural ingredients and heated to remove any contaminants. The “hard” Cake breaks easily into bite-sized morsels when pecked and is highly palatable to aviary birds.

Avoid reproductive issues and support bird health by installing a Calcium Cake in your aviary today. Part of all balanced nutrition programs.


How to use Calcium Cake for Pigeons and Parrots

Easy to use. Just unwrap the pick stone and place it in a clean, dry position.  This should be in a position where it is unlikely to become contaminated by birds walking or defecating on it. It should be protected from the elements.

Check the Cake regularly and scrub lightly with a brush or scourer to remove any contamination.

Replace when required.

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