Chicken Feeder Reviews


The Dine A Chook Chicken Feeders continually outperforms other feeder styles. This comes down to their smart and efficient design. Backyard chickens are notoriously messy, yet our feeder keeps mess to a minimum. This saves you money on chicken feed and reduces the interest of rodents. What's more, our feeders also stop nuisance wild birds such as sparrows from eating all your quality chicken feed.

Chicken feeder reviews

Chicken Feeder Reviews

Kelly describes how the Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder has helped reduce wild birds from eating the chicken feed. 

Hello Ryan 
I just wanted to let you know that I did go ahead and purchase your feeder, and it has worked very well with sparrows. I did speak to you on the phone about the need for it to deter sparrows as well and you told me about adding the fishing line if needed, but that has not been required at all. The minute we put your feeder up the entire wild bird population (rosellas, saturn
bower birds, currawongs and sparrows) vanished overnight....brilliant!  
I would strongly encourage you to advertise on your website that your feeder deters sparrows as well. Perhaps you have only sold to two people (now 3) who had sparrow problems because your site does not indicate your feeder deters them? I know I almost skipped over your site when looking for a feeder because it did not state it stopped sparrows when other sites did.Thanks for your feeder, it was very reasonably priced and well worth the money spent. I also really like that it was a creative idea by a backyard Australian, and has stayed Australian Made, Australian owned.
Cheers Kelly

Pete from Brisbane tells us how much cleaner our chicken feeder leaves his coop, compared to other common feeders.

The chook feeder is fantastic and all of my chooks are now using it. I have five different breeds from a Silkie to an Australorp and all have learnt how to feed from
it successfully without the mess of usual feeders. My feed bill has halved and rodents are now a thing of the past because of it's
clever design.

Again, wild birds are detracted, and our Dine A Chook chicken feeder outperforms by keeping the chicken coop clean

The pigeons and sparrows don’t know what to do with themselves!  Before we would have hordes of them flying in when I put out food.  Now they are getting none.  It is fantastic.  I still keep checking to see if the birds have figured it out, but I am fairly sure they couldn’t fit in it – especially not the doves / pigeons. The chooks took about half a day to be really comfortable eating out of it.  I have 4 full size chooks and I bantam.  I have adjusted the height to suit the bantam, but she has no problems at all.  In fact, I think it is great for the two different sized birds, because she would be picked on and pecked away before.  Now she may get a peck on the back when she is eating, but now it is only on her back.  And I know now, that she can go back to feeding when the others are finished and she won’t miss out. I have even found it can be portable.  I tie it up in their run during the day,
and just relocate it out in the backyard when they want to free range.  No problems.  Yet to work out a more portable fixing solution than tying up!Overall, very, very happy with the product.  Even my husband is impressed.  We had chook food all over the shed floor before – now we have just about zero wastage.  Will keep you updated if we have any issues / comments
, but thank you for a great product.  Have a great Easter! Regards, Kerry

Ideal for both chicks and adults hens

Posted by Cheryl on 30th Aug 2018
Didn't take long for my young pullets to work it out.
There's been no mess, no vermin, no other birds and no water entering the feeder. love it!!!

Rodents hate our feeders, but the chickens love them

Posted by Fiona on 25th Oct 2012

Simply the best feeder ever!
I really love this feeder!
Absolutely no waste, no mess & my chooks wasted no time in working out how to use it. Best of all the wild birds can't use it and neither can rats!
Thanks for making such a wonderful product AND for keeping the price reasonable too.

We've made sure all mechanisms are fuss free and easy to use.

Posted by anonymous on 15th May 2012
This product is the best. The chooks took to it straight away. Mess free, fuss free. We only have a small run so space is at a premium. This product keeps the feed up and out of the way. Easy to access to top up the feed. Love it!!

Clean feed is so important to chicken health. The Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder keeps feed dry and allows you to have enough feed available so you can have a weekend away

Posted by Noelle on 14th Nov 2012
I was a bit sceptical that i was spending a fair bit of money because i was to lazy to refresh the water every day .
Now i relise that my chickens never have to eat feed thats had rats in it or water thats not clean.
I can go away for a weekend and know they are being fed, well worth the money.

Saving on feed, is just one of the benefits of our feeders.

Posted by G. SEXTON on 5th Sep 2018
I acquired 4 feeders for my chooks and the birds quickly adapted.
I have saved a huge amount on feed as the sparrows find the feeders difficult to raid. It also has lead to an almost rodent free chook pen.
The benefit of the feeders has exceeded my expectation.

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