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Why I Use Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders and Waterers | By Bree Manley

Sometimes, making an informed decision about certain products can be difficult and often ovewhelming. Chicken Feeders and waterers are no exception! How do you know which product will work? Will Dine a Chook products work? How do they compare to other poultry feeders and drinkers on the market?  Bree Manley is a customer of ours. She has purchased many of our products now and below she gives us a true account of her experience which will undoubtedly save seasoned or new comers to keeping backyard chickens a great deal of time and money.






As a chicken owner I have had several issues over the years which I have finally found a solution for.

I have had hens for many years and feed them organic grain and mash. During the day they are free ranged and at night are housed in a large covered run. Despite having small diameter bird wire enclosing the entire run, we found that small birds and mice still manage to get in. We have feeders and waters both inside our enclosure for night and outside for during the day, so they had to be vermin and water proof.


Open feeders were inadequate as every wild bird in the vicinity seemed to get their share so it can be very expensive. The plastic hanging variety seemed to keep the mice at bay, but wild birds still had a feast and the chooks scratch and throw the feed that they don’t want out on to the ground. This encouraged and fed all the vermin.

My next type of feeder was the treadle feeder. They came unassembled and some of them never seemed to work as effectively as they should. The door stays up or shuts with a mighty bang to scare chickens off laying. The wild birds wait till the hens are feeding and swoop down to eat while the lid is open. The amount of small birds that I have found dead (and alive) inside of these feeder is uncountable. I have also had several chickens with broken legs and heads caught in them from the side. The hens still tossed out the grain they didn’t want to get to choicer bits so there was still a lot of wastage. We found that possums and rats could open them and one of my dogs! They are also not waterproof in heavy rain so the grain is spoiled.

I then went to a larger (much more expensive) treadle feeder that the chickens walked up the ramp to activate the feeding shutter at the base. This has several problems. The chickens still swipe the feed that they don’t want out on to the large ramp. The build-up of waste and excrement underneath the ramp causes the shutter not to open fully. We also found that mice, rats and small birds could eat not only what was being wasted by the chooks, but managed to open or burrow in the side of the shutter and eat through the grain as could be seen by the tunnels in the feed when opening the top lid.

My chicken feed bill did not lessen but was actually increasing.

Finally we looked at PVC pipe feeders and decided to try them. We have feeders and waters both inside our enclosure for night and outside for during the day, so they had to be vermin and water proof.  My husband who believes that cheaper is always an option decided to purchase several of the competitors feeders. Some of them need to be assembled. Some of them looked unfinished and their attachments were not fitted well so that water would get in when it rained. Some could still be accessed by vermin!

At last we purchased a feeder from Dine-a-Chook.  They are waterproof with strong attached fittings, no seams and no trapped chickens. The hens cannot scratch or toss out the grain, the vermin can’t access the food so no wastage and no vermin. The lid has a handle at the top that seals and opens easily. I now own several of Dine-a-Chook feeders and my food bill has decreased. I also liked the red ones as they don’t show the dirt and always look clean (chooks are also attracted to red).

Next problem was clean water. The large plastic domes with an attached base for the hens to drink from have many issues. They grow algae inside, they need to be cleaned and refilled and put back together often, they break, they crack and they are a waste of money.

We also wanted a watering system that didn’t need much maintenance. I have tried using nipple drinkers but found that they clog and each one needs to be checked daily. The cup type of watering system is much better. Any build-up of gunk in the bottom only needs to be hosed out when refilling. The Dine-a-Chook watering system is strong and I have never had any algae growing even in the outside ones that are in full sun.

The next thing that I recommend is the Dine-a-Chook mineral supplement. As a Naturopath and Nutritionist I know that organic free range eggs have more nutrition in them than any other food. Unfortunately most of the farmed soil is depleted of minerals so using the mineral supplement has given us healthier hens and nutritious eggs.

I fully recommend and endorse Dine-a-chooks products including their dried meal worms which my hens love.

Bree Manley Bsc (Nursing), Bsc (Naturopathy), Hons Research