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Top tips from Dine a Chook chicken keepers!


Are you looking for more ways to take better care of your chickens? We’ve already shared some of our time-savers. Now here are some of our top tips from other Dine a Chook chicken keepers! 


Jason - Build roosts of varied diameter and shaped branches




Jason’s roosts are beautiful – they look like a driftwood sculpture. And he is completely right. Natural-style roosts made from branches with a different range of widths and shapes better mimic a chicken’s natural habitat. 


Perfectly round roosts can cause RSI-type injuries to chickens’ feet and can also contribute to bumblefoot. 


Larger diameter roosts are preferable (around 5 cm) and providing a range of widths and shapes to suit all of the birds in your flock is definitely good practice. And doing this with a range of branches, as Jason suggests, looks fantastic too.


Georgia – Store feed in a small wheelie bin for easy transport


It’s the perfect way to keep feed – wheelie bins are easy to move, making filling feeders that much easier, they keep the feed dry and fresh, and they protect the feed from rodents and other pests! It’s also the perfect way to reduce work for your chicken sitter if you are going away on the holidays!


Rod – Supplement protein in summer to keep your birds laying


As Rod said, in summer your birds won’t eat as much, and therefore they’ll lay less too. Even temperatures of 31oC can cause heat stress and decreased appetite, so you can imagine what the Aussie summer can do! 


Rod suggests giving your birds a higher protein feed (you could also supplement their protein intake in other ways)during the summer months to improve their condition and egg production. 


Samantha – Pop a block of ice in your drinker for cool water all day long


Samantha is another customer who knows about summer, and how to keep her chickens cool and hydrated! She has an extra drinker in her shady car port, and she adds a block of ice in the morning so that the water stays cool all day. 


Chickens drink more if the water is cool, and in summer when hydration is so important, adding a block of ice to your drinker can make all the difference. Those freezer-blocks for lunch boxes fit our drinkers perfectly too! 


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