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Top 5 Reasons chickens are not laying eggs

Have your chickens stopped laying eggs? There could be some reasons beyond your control such as the age of the chicken, the time of year as well as they just are having a break. There are other reasons which you can certainly consider. Here are our Top 5 Reasons Chickens are not laying eggs


Reasons Chickens are not laying eggs

1. You have a Broody Hen

When a chicken is Broody, she wants to hatch her own chicks. Because of this, she stops laying eggs. We have written a very comprehensive article about Broody Hens and how to fix the problem.

2. Changes to the Flock

Chickens lives are all about routine. Sometimes the smallest distraction from that routine can result in egg production becoming less or stopping. Disturbances to Chicken routine include:

  • Adding new hens to the flock
  • Moving the coop
  • Moving the hens such as driving them from where you purchased them to when you get home.

If any of the above has occurred, don't panic. Give the hens a few days to a week to re-establish pecking order, and they should get back to laying fresh backyard eggs.

Top 5 Reasons Chickens are not laying eggs

3. Bad Diet

There's a lot of work in laying an egg. Chickens depend on essential vitamins and minerals in their diet. The diet should be very high in protein. Also, because of the high water content in eggs, it is critical that laying hens have access to clean water at all times. Dine A Chook have automatic chicken waterers and also main pressure chicken drinkers to ensure your hens are always hydrated.

The worst type of chicken feed for laying hens is known as a scratch mix. It is generally the cheapest in the Pet Store. It looks colourful with an assortment of grains, corn and other seeds. However, this has low dietary value for a laying hen. Using this also encourages selective feeding which means the chicken misses out of a balanced diet and they only eat what they like the taste.

The best type of chicken feed is a nutrient and mineral rich pellet based feed. We recommend the Laucke Mills Brands of professional chicken feeds. Another great way to increase a laying hens protein intake is to give treats to your hens such as Natural Dried Mealworms available at DineAChook. Poor diet is certainly a major factor as one of the Top 5 Reasons chickens are not laying eggs

4. Sunlight is essential

The hormones in chickens which gets their internal egg production line going are triggered by sunlight. You should be letting your chickens out of the coop bright and early in the morning. If you have a predator safe pen, you can leave the chickens to decide when they want to come out. If not, instal an auto door for your chicken pen which opens at the crack of dawn. In shorter days of the year such as winter, do a little research as you could assist egg production by artificially adjusting the chicken's biorhythm. This can be achieved with light stimulators and also installing heat lamps.

5. We all get old

Just like humans, as chickens get older, their egg laying starts to dry up. The average egg production lifespan of a laying chicken is between 2 - 4 years. After that, you should embrace the chicken and thank them for their service by giving them a peaceful retirement.

Should you have any questions regarding the above article, please contact our trained staff at Dine A Chook.