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1. GST -  Please note that all prices displayed on our website include GST within Australia. If you are outside of Australia the prices displayed are our current international prices.

 2. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We understand that sometimes it is hard to know exactly what you are getting and that sometimes you order a product online and it is not quite what you want. Our policy is that we will accept returns where you (the customer) first give us notice informing us of your decision to return within 3 days of receiving the goods. Once approval is granted for the return of the goods, you will be required to pay for the return postage (unless we have accidentally sent you the wrong item). Once the item is returned, we will then refund the money for the item. You will be required to register and insure the item or the goods. If this is not done, we will not be held responsible for goods that are sent for return that are lost or damaged if not insured or registered.

If you are returning a product or order to us for a refund & in some exchange cases. (excluding if the issue is our fault) the refund amount you receive will be for the goods only. Freight cannot be compensated. Please also be aware that the freight that we charge you in order checkout or invoice in cases can be less or substantially less than what we actually pay the courier or postal network. If this is the case then you may be required to forfeit our actual freight cost from the refund amount you will receive. This case may apply more so to (but is not limited to) International and outback Australia deliveries or deliveries that contain large items. The best way to know what you will receive back is to contact us via email first before returning items.

3. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - We do not generally take credit card as payment for international customers outside Australia that are not enrolled in the Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code program. However, we have other payment options available such as Bank Transfer

For deliveries outside of Australia - In some countries, your government may impose a customs levy or tax. We have no idea whether you will or will not be charged tax in your country. You will need to investiage this yourself before you order. Dine a Chook is not responsible for the payment of any tax or levy imposed by any foreign government on delivery of any Dine a Chook parcel outside of Australia.

4. QUESTIONS - Any questions in regards to our policy please email us at: sales@dineachook.com.au

5. PRIVACY POLICY - Please see below. 

6. SECURITY - When you shop on our online website, you will find our website is safe and secure. We have the appropriate SSL Certificate for extra protection to you, the consumer, and us as a merchant.

9. DELIVERY POLICY - We use a range of shipping agents such as: Australia Post, Startrack Express and Australian Air Express. If any goods arrive broken, please contact us and we will happily discuss the return of your item for a replacement.

For delivery time, we usually ship pretty quickly, however service times for delivery can depend upon where you are located and the method of service we need to use for the goods you have ordered. If you would like an estimated delivery time, simply contact us. In most cases your order is shipped the next business day after recieving your payment.

Privacy Policy

We store for any such period of time when you place an order through our secure server, your name and personal contact details that you submit when placing an order on our site. If placing an order you may be automatically subscribed to our mailing list, which we do not use under any circumstances for any reason other than to promote our products or services only to the subscribed.  Under no circumstance will we forward your details on to any third party other than your name, address and phone number to the parties involved with the delivery of the order. Or if an order is believed or found to be fraudulent in regards to credit card payments or other method of payment, we may forward the details supplied on to the banks, police and any other party that has an interest in the transaction.

When you visit our web site, our web server automatically logs certain non-personally identifiable data about your visit. This data consists of the time of your visit, your domain name or IP address, the browser and the operating system you use, the pages you visit and any links you follow to or within our web site etc.

Competition Terms and Conditions

At times, Dine a Chook (Biggin Pty Ltd) may run competitions (promotions) in store (including through wholesalers of Dine a Chook products), on the Dine a Chook website and through third party platforms such as social media providers, including but not limited to Instagram and Facebook. These competitions may also be promoted through advertising in print media and on a number of platforms including but not limited to Google, Facebook, our websites and third-party websites. 

Any promotion run by Dine a Chook, online or offline, is offered subject to the terms and conditions outlined below, except where a difference is expressly stated in the competition details. Excluding legal requirements, Dine a Chook (including its owners, employees and representatives) is in no way responsible and excludes any liability, including negligence, for any loss or damage resulting from participation in, or winning of, these competitions.

1.    Unless otherwise specified, entrants:

a.    Must be over the age of 18
b.    Must be Australian residents residing in Australia at the time of the competition
c.    Must complete their entry in full by the deadline in order for their entry to be deemed valid
d.    Cannot be employed by, or be the immediate family member of a person employed by, Dine a Chook, a Dine a Chook wholesaler or any agents employed by Dine a Chook with regard to the competition
e.    Are responsible for any and all expenses incurred in entering the competition and will not be reimbursed whether or not they win
f.     Agree to release any third-party platforms, including but not limited to the social media providers listed above, from any and all claims, liabilities or responsibilities resulting from participation in any of these competitions or any of the prizes offered

 2.    Depending on the competition details, entrants may also be required to:

a.    Retain their proof of purchase in order to redeem any prize(s) won

3.    By entering the competition, entrants agree:

a.    That any details or information provided is true and correct
b.    That they meet entry requirements
c.    To abide by the competition rules
d.    To abide by any rules, guidelines or terms of use, relating to use of the platform and participation in any competition or similar, stipulated by third party platforms through which the competition may be promoted or taking place
e.    That they accept these terms and conditions in full and unconditionally
f.     To accept all judgements by Dine a Chook as final and incontestable
g.    To provide a written assignation of all rights to entry material to Dine a Chook if requested
h.    That all entry material:                                               

 i.     Is the sole work and property of the entrant

 ii.     Is cleared for use as outlined here

 iii.     Will not in any way violate or breach the terms of any other agreement to which the entrant may be a party

 iv.     Does not infringe or violate any copyright or other right

v.     Is not obscene, cruel, likely to cause offence, defamatory, tortious, knowingly inaccurate or untrue, illegal or otherwise unacceptable

vi.     Will not cause Dine a Chook to have to pay any sums to any person or entity as a result of the companies use of entry material in any form as outlined in these terms and conditions

i.     Any intellectual property contained in the entry is exclusively licenced to Dine a Chook in perpetuity 
j.     That Dine a Chook may use and/or licence third parties to use the entry in whole or in part (excluding any personal information or information protected by law) throughout the universe, in or on any media, whether currently in existence or developed in the future, for any purpose, including but not limited to advertising and commercial use, alone or together or as part of other information, content or material without being subject to royalties or restrictions of any kind
k.    That the entrant has received express permission from any person who features in the entry (through images containing a likeness or other identifying features, including description by name, title or another identifier) to be featured in the entry and for said entry to be used as outlined in this document. The entrant indemnifies Dine a Chook and their representatives for any breach of this warranty and for any breach of privacy legislation.
l.     That he/she has all necessary rights to provide the intellectual property (images, video, text, ideas etc) to Dine a Chook and places no limitations on the company’s right to use this intellectual property in whole or in part

4.    Where entries are comprised of written, video, photographic, audio or artistic material:

a.    They must be the original work of, and created solely by the entrant

b.    They must be used exclusively for entry in one Dine a Chook competition and cannot be used to enter another competition, physically or online, run by Dine a Chook or any other entity in Australia or internationally without the express consent of Dine a Chook.
c.    All entries, whether digital or physical, including copyright and regardless of whether the entry is published on the entrant’s own social media account, become the property of Dine a Chook, with the exception of any material protected by law and by the terms and conditions of third party platforms through which the competition is taking place.
d.    Once material is used to enter a Dine a Chook competition and becomes the property of Dine a Chook, it cannot be used or published in commercial or public form, including on another platform, in whole or in part, by the entrant or their agents, without the express consent of Dine a Chook. 

5.    The following entries will be deemed void. Entries which:

a.    Are early
b.    Are late
c.    Are incomplete
d.    Do not meet competition requirements
e.    Are based on proof of a purchase which did not take place during the competition dates
f.     Fail to comply with the terms of use for any third-party platform through which the competition is taking place or being promoted
g.    Contain any matter that the publication, sale or use of which (by the entrant or by Dine a Chook) would constitute a breach of law, copyright or other rights
h.    Are obscene, cruel, abusive, likely to cause offence or contain matter that is illegal
i.     Contain inaccurate or untrue information
j.     Are defamatory, tortious or otherwise unlawful
k.    Are otherwise unacceptable 

6.    At their discretion, Dine a Chook reserves the right to offer special conditions to the following:

a.    Newsletter subscribers
b.    Wholesale customers
c.    Overseas customers
d.    Facebook followers
e.    Facebook users who ‘like’ the Dine a Chook official Facebook page

7.    Dine a Chook reserves the right to change or amend the following without notice both before and during the competition:

a.    These terms and conditions
b.    The competition dates and deadlines
c.    Any competition conditions or restrictions

8.    Dine a Chook reserves the right to disqualify any entrants or entries where:

a.    Unlawful or improper conduct is suspected
b.    There has been a breach of competition terms and conditions 

9.    Dine a Chook reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time, with or without notice or explanation. 

10.  Except where otherwise stated, there is one prize to be awarded to one entrant at the end of the competition.

11.  All decisions made by Dine a Chook and their representatives are final and non-contestable. In entering the competition, the entrant agrees to abide by these decisions. 

12.  In the case of any dispute with regard to the administration of this competition, including rules, results and all other matters, the decision of Dine a Chook is final.

13.  With regard to judgement:

a.    In the case of prize draws:                                               

i.     All eligible, valid entries which are completed by the due date will enter the draw

ii.     Draws will be impartial

iii.     In the case where an “impartial chicken judge” is used, should the chicken select more than one entry, the entries selected will be re-presented to the chicken until a single winner is chosen

b.    In the case of competitions where winners are decided by the value of their entry:                                              

i.     Dine a Chook will state the quality on which entries will be judged, e.g. “best”, “funniest”, “cleverest”, “cutest” etc. Where more than one entry has equal value as per the competition requirements, entries may also be considered on their potential value for marketing.

ii.     All effort will be made to ensure judgements are fair and objective, however criteria and justification for the choice of winning entry(ies) will not be written or available to entrants. 

iii.     Under no circumstances will debate about entries be entered into by Dine a Chook or their representatives. Public debate will disqualify entrants from the present competition and all future competitions run by Dine a Chook.

iv.     All decisions made by Dine a Chook are final and non-contestable. 


14.  The competition winner:

a.    May be notified by email or on the social media platform through which the competition is taking place
b.    Has between 1 and 5 working days to claim their prize as specified in the competition details
c.    Forfeits their prize if they do not claim it as specified within the deadline, regardless of whether this failure is the result of something outside of the winner’s control, e.g. technical problems
d.    May be disqualified if they fail to show proof of purchase if required

15.  Should the prize be unclaimed, Dine a Chook reserves the right to select a new winner from the pool of entries or to award the prize to the “second place” entry.

16.  Should the winner be disqualified or deemed ineligible to receive the prize (see Terms and Conditions), Dine a Chook reserves the right to cancel the competition, select a new winner from the pool of entries or to award the prize to the “second place” entry.

17.  Prizes may be virtual (taking the form of discounts, free downloads, publicity or any other form Dine a Chook may select) or physical. 

18.  Dine a Chook accepts no responsibility and is no way liable for any injury, damage or loss occurring as a result of receiving or using any prize, physical or otherwise. 

19.  Dine a Chook takes no responsibility for the physical or implicit qualities of any prize, whether or not they meet user expectations.

20.  Should the prize be unavailable for any reason, an item with the same retail value will be substituted.

21.  Prizes are not exchangeable, transferable, extendable, redeemable for cash and cannot be put on hold or ‘paused’.

22.  In the case of physical prizes:

a.    Arrangements will be made to ship the prize to any valid Australian postal address.
b.    Dine a Chook will pay for postage using standard Australia Post. Expedited, international and courier services are not offered as part of a Dine a Chook prize and will not be paid for by Dine a Chook.
c.    Prizes will not be shipped overseas unless otherwise specified.
d.    Where the entry took place through a Dine a Chook wholesaler, the winner may be required to collect their prize from the store where the purchase/entry took place.

23.  Excluding obligations required by law, Dine a Chook (including its owners, employees and representatives) is not responsible for and excludes any and all liability (including negligence) for:

a.    Any loss, including financial, opportunity, injury, illness, damage or expense, resulting from participation in this competition, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential
b.    Any loss arising out of technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under Dine a Chook’s control)
c.    Any third-party interference
d.    Any entry deemed void 
e.    Use or function of a prize
f.     Any actions or behaviours of entrants in the course of the competition, whether required by entry or no, and consequent loss, damage or expense.

24.  Dine a Chook reserves the right to reproduce names, photographs, material, comments and feedback provided by entrants in promotional material including but not limited to website, print media, social media and other online channels. 

25.  Any information that we collect about you is handled in a manner compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act. For more information please refer to the Dine a Chook Privacy Policy. 

26.  These competitions are organised by Dine a Chook and its representatives. They are in no way organised, sponsored, endorsed by or associated with service providers or third-party platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp and Google.