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Meal Worms Treats for Backyard Chickens

There's nothing I enjoy more than spending a weekend out in the garden. It’s the simple pleasures of being able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour. For me, this is my food forest which of course is equally enjoyed by my chooks. I grow a diverse range of greens for my girls which provide them with a very valuable source of essential vitamins and minerals and protein.

Aside from the greens that I grow, I also treat them every weekend to a small handful of dried meal worms. They go crazy for them. What puts a smile on my face is walking out from the shed, as soon as they see the bright red bag they know that its time.

You may think to yourself, why do I need to feed my chickens mealworms? Firstly, they are a great source of protein. While most commercial poultry feeds have adequate amounts of protein to support the intake requirements of a modern hen, many customers choose to feed their birds vegetable scraps or other feed sources which often dilute their intake of protein. Or, if a customer uses a mixed grain feed as apposed to a micro pellet or crushed crumble, the dietary intake is often not consistent as the birds tend to be selective feeders. It is for this reason, in our Townsville store, I only sell Micro pellet and Crushed crumble feeds.

Protein is an important building block of body tissue. In commercial poultry feeds, proteins come in two forms. Plant proteins and animal proteins. Diversity is key! Plant proteins in chicken feed are ingredients such as soybean meal and corn gluten meal. Animal proteins can be meat meal or fish meal.

It is possible to keep chickens happy and healthy on a vegetarian diet however it is important to pay close attention to the plant sources of protein to ensure that all the required essential amino acids are in the diet.

Dine a Chook meal worms are slowly oven dried to retain much of their nutrients. They last longer than live mealworms, up to 12 months in fact, and are easily stored in the resealable bag until required.

For many of our customers, a 283gm bag of meal worms can last for a couple of months. Why not treat your girls. We offer the best prices in Australia and all orders feature free delivery.




Meal Worm Nutritional Values*

Protein: 50% Min
Fat: 27% Min
Fiber: 6%
Water: 5%

*Approximate values.