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We are backyard poultry keepers too, so we have experienced the same problems as you. That's why we've shared these resources - to make chicken keeping easier for everyone. Browse our complete archive of chicken keeping articles below.

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Poultry healthcare

Feeding chickens

Poultry behaviour

Caring for chickens

Housing, bedding and nests for chickens

Chicken feeders and drinkers

Dine a Chook chicken feeder and drinker FAQs


Buying chickens

Caring for other poultry

Fun chicken keeping facts


Poultry Healthcare

How to prevent parasites and disease in the chook pen

Preventing illness in the chicken coop isn't difficult. With a few simple steps, you can significantly reduce the chance of your flock getting ill.

Natural remedies for chickens

If your chickens do become ill, what should you do? Should you use natural remedies with your backyard flock? Do they work? When are conventional medicines like antibiotics necessary?

Respiratory disease

How to diagnose and treat respiratory infections in chickens. These may look like a common cold, but they are far more serious and can cause death. Don't let a respiratory infection get worse, treat it immediately.

Gape worm

Gape worm often presents with similar symptoms to respiratory disease, but it needs a completely different treatment. Find out how to tell the difference between respiratory disease and gape worm. And how to diagnose and treat gape worm.

Managing respiratory disease

Find out what environmental causes contribute to respiratory illness in chickens, so that you can manage them. Plus natural preventatives for this deadly illness. 

Scaly leg mites

How to recognise and treat scaly leg mites, including natural treatments that work.


Botulism produces awful symptoms in chickens, but it is simple to avoid. Find out how you too can prevent this fatal disease by avoiding silly mistakes in the chicken coop.


Feeding Chickens

The complete guide to feeding backyard chickens

Everything you ever wanted to know about feeding backyard chooks, including answers to common questions like how to choose the right feed and how to best use kitchen scraps.

The best chicken feed for laying hens

How to choose the best commercial chicken feed for laying hens.

Protein for chickens

Learn why chickens need extra protein in their diet, even when you are giving them a complete feed. And access our list of 10 great high-protein treats for chickens. Your girls will love an extra boost.

Chicken forage plants

Discover over 50 potential forage plants for your chickens, plus seed suppliers for our Tasmanian customers. If you live in any other state (except WA), check out our Gourmet Greens for Poultry

Spring-planted forage plants for poultry

Is spring in the air? Then it's time to plant these long-lasting forage plants for your chickens. They are easy-to-grow and supplement your chickens' health with essential vitamins and minerals.

Dried Mealworms for chickens

Chooks love Dried Mealworms. Find out how to get the most from this supplementary source of protein, including how to rehydrate Dried Mealworms.

The benefits of using Dried Mealworms

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Dried Mealworms, including where they come from, their nutritional value and how best to use them with poultry and other animals. 

The TRUTH about Apple Cider Vinegar for Chickens

Many backyard chicken keepers swear by a daily (or weekly) dose of ACV to keep their chickens healthy. But is there research to back up the benefits? We have looked at a range of scientific studies to reveal the truth about ACV and whether it is a worthwhile addition to your chickens' diet.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for chickens

Find out how to get the most from Apple Cider Vinegar, including ACV dosage for chickens and other tips.


Poultry Behaviour

Broody hens

Have you got a broody hen? With our list of 5 tried-and-true methods for breaking broody hens, every chicken keeper will find something that works in their coop. Plus read our favourite tip for catching broody hens early!


Caring for Chickens

The Dine a Chook Guide to Good Coop Management

Good coop management isn't difficult. And good practices in the chicken coop go a long way towards helping prevent parasites and disease. Read this guide to make sure you are doing all of the right things to keep your chickens healthy, happy and productive. 

5 easy steps to set up your chicken coop while you're away on holidays

We all deserve a break! But if you're leaving chooks at home, holidays can be spent worrying about whether they have overturned their water! Learn how to leave the worries and your chooks behind during the holidays!

5 key time-savers in the chicken coop

Are you looking to take some of the time and effort out of keeping chooks? We hear you! If you don't have a droppings board, newspaper in the nesting box, grass catchers in the coop, a deep litter system or an automatic waterer, then this article is for you.

Customer tips for keeping happy, healthy hens

Our fabulous Dine a Chook family have shared some of their favourite chicken keeping hacks. Find out about choosing roosts, feed storage, better summer laying and keeping birds cool in summer. 

Spring-time chicken keeping tasks

After winter, the longer daylight hours mean your chickens will probably start displaying more energy and laying better. Find out what you can do now to put a spring in their step and ensure a long, productive spring and summer!


Housing, Bedding and Nests for Chickens

How to protect chickens from predators

Australia is a dangerous place to be a chicken. Not only do native animals like quolls and snakes prey on chickens, there are introduced species like dogs, cats and the ever-crafty fox. Find out what you need to do to protect your chickens from Australia's most common chicken predators.


Chicken Feeders and Drinkers

Treadle feeders

Are they rat proof? Are they weather proof? Is a treadle feeder a good investment?

Chicken feeders and rats

What brings rodents to the chicken coop and how a chicken feeder can help manage these pesky pests.


Dine a Chook Feeder and Drinker FAQs

Choosing the right Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder for your flock

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Dine a Chook Feeder

Learn from the experts. We share our tips on using Dine a Chook Feeders in answer to customers' FAQs, including the best type of feed to use and installation instructions.

How to install Dine a Chook Feeders and Drinkers on wire mesh

Everything you need to know about chicken drinkers

Find out how to select the best chicken drinker for your flock, plus instructions on installation and how to clean and maintain Lubing Cups, which are a component on many poultry drinkers.

Choosing the best chicken drinker for your flock



Do fresh eggs taste better?

Chicken keepers swear by the taste of fresh eggs from "happy, lazy hens" as Darina Allen puts it. So we've done the research to find the true benefits of fresh versus store-bought eggs. Compare taste, texture, nutritional value, keeping quality and colour.

The difference between brown and white eggs


Buying Chickens

Where to buy chickens in Australia

Gumtree, poultry shows, your local feed store. Learn where to buy chooks and what to look out for in your potential supplier.

The best chicken breeds for egg laying

Do chickens make a good present? Do our QUIZ to find out!

A box of cheeping chicks or package of pullets, is a pretty exciting gift to open. And chickens are a gift that keeps on giving in the form of eggs, fertiliser and good company! But chickens are also a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly, so they should only be given to someone who is truly ready for such a gift. Do our quiz to find out whether your friend or family member is ready for chickens.


Caring For Other Poultry

Do you want to keep ducks or geese with your chickens?

Avoid the most common problems in mixed flocks so your poultry will flock together like birds of a feather!

Feeding game birds, ducks and other poultry

Birds do best on a specialised feed that is scientifically-formulated to contain all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need. Find out how to choose the best feed for your pheasants, quail, ducks and other poultry. And no, the correct feed is not left over chicken food!


Fun chicken keeping facts

10 reasons to keep backyard chickens

We think everyone should have their own flock of chickens. But we might be slightly biased! Find out what the top 10 reasons are for keeping backyard chickens.