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How to choose the Best Chicken Waterer

How to choose the best chicken waterer.

Since our first Automatic Chicken Waterer design almost 8 years ago, Dine-A-Chook has shot to the top for the Best in Quality and Performance. We communicate with Poultry Farmers and Backyad Chicken Keepers daily. the reality is everyone has different needs. We recognise this and cater for your needs.

Example of my own circumstance:

My family and I have 10 chickens. Due to flock size, I use two Lubing Cups. Because of our busy lives and also time management, we have our Waterer connected to Mains Water. Having a watering system that directly connects these poultry watering cups to the mains pressure water saves us time from having to constantly fill up.

For information on setting up a mains waterer system using Lubing Cups, take a look at our Automatic Chicken Waterers

Choosing a Chicken Waterer / Drinker

The first thing to think about when choosing a chicken watering system is how often you want the water to last between refills. Mains water is the easiest option. If this is not an option there are plenty of great waterers available.

Even though larger waterers last longer between refills, they have their own requirements to consider.

Here's where science comes in. We use Black UV-Proof PVC for our large drums. They prevent mould and algae growth. The majority of Chicken Water Drums on the market are transparent and go mouldy in a few days. 

The challenge with Black is that it absorbs heat so the Drum will have to be placed in a shaded area. 

All that aside, our 20 Litre Two-Cup Chicken Waterer is one of our all time best sellers. 

The best chicken waterer for backyard poultry keepers

For most backyard chicken keepers, our most popular chicken waterer and, we believe, the best option, is our 4 Litre Chicken Waterer. We suggest two waterers in order to give your birds access to water in two places.

New chicken keepers know that water is essential for their birds. Keep in mind the location of the waterer is critically important. Birds tend to move around during the heat of the day.  They shelter from heat under a shady tree or building. It is very important for them to have access to a drinker wherever they go during the hottest part of the day. Having access to water in two places, as with a pair of 4 Litre Chicken Waterers, keeps your birds adequately hydrated.

The other great tip that we recommend when using our 4 Litre Drinkers is to keep on hand some freezer blocks. They fit wonderfully into the chicken waterers and will keep the water cool for hours! When the water is cool, your birds will consume and stay hydrated.


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