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Everything you need to know about Chicken Feeders

Dine A Chook Automatic Chicken Feeders - Simply the Best

From humble beginnings, the Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder has become the top-selling Chook Feeder in Australia. The modern Dine A Chook Feeder is revolutionary in design and engineering. Australian Made Quality designed to work. With years of development, the Patented System has been tried and tested to ensure it does the job. 

Dine A Chook sets the industry benchmark standard that few come close to:

Waste-reducing design that stops feed waste

Virtually maintenance free

Patented Rainhood and Gutter stops feed getting wet

Will not rust

No moving parts which can break or require replacement

Rodent resistant design

Outlasts any other feeder on the market

UV Stabilised Commercial Quality PVC

Built in mounting system

Unbeatable lifetime warranty

The Best Type of Backyard Chicken Feeder offers low maintenance and years of service. The feeder should reduce feed Wastage and deter rats and vermin from the coop. It should stop rain spoiling feed. It should be easy to install.

If your current chicken feeding system does not offer these, then you need a Dine A Chook. Today Dine A Chook can be found all around the world. With websites in Australia, NewZealand and the UK you can join the tens of thousands of customers who have become part of the Dine a Chook Worldwide family. 

What Size Chicken feeder do you need?

The patented Dine a Chook Automatic Chicken Feeder comes in two sizes:

  • Small Chicken Feeder = 3.5 litres, measuring 540 mm in height
  • Large Chicken Feeder = 4.7 litres. measuring 720 mm tall 

The only difference between these feeders is the height.

The smaller, 3.5 L Dine a Chook feeder was cleverly designed for areas with a height restriction. This would include most chicken tractors and many imported coops. In other words, if you can't walk inside then the 3.5lt feeder is ideal. 

The 4.7 L feeder holds approximately 1 kilogram more food than the smaller feeder and we recommend it wherever height is not a restriction.

How high should my chicken feeders be from the ground?

Our feeders should be mounted so they are between 100mm to 150mm off the ground depending on the breed and average height of your chicken. . Always ensure the height accomodates the smallest chicken in the flock. 


What is the best feed for chickens?

The heathy development of chickens is somewhat complex. The importance of a quality commercially produced feed formulated to ensure that backyard chickens get the required nutrition they need is essential. Also, you should be using different types of feed through various stages of growth. Limit treats and leftovers from the fridge so as to not dilute the nutritional benefits of a balanced purpose made feed.

Scratch mix. Scratch mix is not Chicken Feed It is not a good source of Proteins, Vitamins and minerals. It is a combination of grains and seeds, corn etc. It is low in essential nutrients for laying hens. It also encourages selective feeding as hens rake out what they don't want and eat the parts they do. This wastes your money and is the chicken equivalent of a child not eating their vegetables.  

8-18 Weeks Old – Pullet Grower

If you’re a newcomer to keeping chickens, chances are that you will buy your backyard chooks when they are either ‘Point of Lay’ or for most people we find that they are buying chickens from the age of 8 weeks. You can expect that a chicken in this age range will consume approximately 90-100 grams of feed per day. This equates to around 4kg of feed per bird during this growth period.

It is important at this early stage of development that your chickens are feed a ‘ Pullet Grower’ feed mix. Containing a minimum of 15.5% Protein

The Key Benefits of a quality commercial Pullet Grower mix are

  • It is formulated and nutritionally balanced to support the growth and development of young pullets.

  • Most commercially available Pullet Grower feeds contain an anti coccidial to assist in the prevention caecal and intestinal coccidiosis.


18 weeks to Layer and beyond.

Layer Mix is available in 2 common forms. Mash and Pellets. From many years of talking with customers, we would love a dollar for every time a customer has said to us…..’my girls won’t eat the pellets’. We cant really blame them, they would be the closest thing to eating dry Weetbix everyday that you could possibly get.

Layer Feed, Mash or pellets generally contains between 16 and 18% Protein. With the addition of higher levels of Calcium for strong eggshell production.


The Key features of a Complete Layer Feed are

  • It is nutritionally balanced to support egg production and health of laying hens.

  • Formulated to provide balanced levels of Energy, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.


How many Chicken Feeders do I need?

One to two birds can use our feeder at any one time. Chickens usually take turns to feed so the food portal is ideal for them. With chickens the main thing is they have access to food all day long and our Feeder manages this. 

Our suggestion is to purchase one feeder for every 6-8 birds. This helps ensure that dominant birds do not prevent weaker ones from feeding.

Our 3.5 Litre Automatic Chicken Feeder should comfortably feed 4 chickens for 4 days. This of course depends on the breed and also the time of year. Keep in mind if the Chickens are getting other treats like mealworms, scratch as well as kitchen scraps.

Can I use a Dine a Chook PVC Chicken Feeder for other poultry?

Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders are perfect for use with all types of backyard poultry. Simply adjust the mounting height to suit the shortest bird. Our customers also recommend using Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders as:

  • Duck feeders
  • Turkey feeders
  • Guinea fowl feeders
  • Goose feeders
  • And more!

One of our customers even uses her Dine a Chook Feeder as a Rabbit Feeder!

Are Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders Rat-Proof?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a rat-proof chicken feeder.

However the Dine a Chook No-Waste Chicken Feeders are rodent-resistant. The design stops easy access by rats. Also, reducing feed waste off the chicken coop floor than a standard feeder, you are no longer providing vermin with a food source. In combination with good coop management, our chicken feeders may deter rats. 

How Dine a Chook Feeders reduce waste


Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders reduce wasted feed. This saves you money so they are a smart investment. The difference is in the specially engineered feeding bay. 

Clever design of the Dine a Chook feeder means your chicken must insert its head into the feeding bay. Restricted neck movement helps stop feed spillage. In spite of how hard they try, Chickens and Hens struggle to flick feed out. 

We outfit our patented feeding bay with horizontal and also vertical paddles. This helps prevent raking as well as sideways thrashing. This silo-inspired design effectively prevents chickens from spilling feed on the ground, reducing waste and the cost of keeping hens.

Are Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders waterproof?

Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders are watertight. Made from snap-together PVC parts, our feeders will not leak in wet weather. The patented rain-hoo, as well as gutter system,m stops feed getting wet. The hood provides feed shelter and above all redirects run-off away from the feeder

Super Fast, Easy Installation

Installation is simple. Your feeder is supplied with everything you need for mounting in most situations. Your Dine a Chook feeder has three moulded rear hanging hooks. Only two of these hooks are required. We suggest the top hook and the bottom hook.

Correct height is roughly the back of neck height of your chickens. If your flock consists of different breeds, some taller than others, you should consider the shortest bird. In this situation though we would suggest a second feeder.

Hold the top bracket in place and gently lift the feeder of the bracket. With the bracket held into position, screw it on with one of the supplied screws. Now the bracket is supported, screw in the second screw.

Repeat this process for the second bracket. That’s it, your Dine a Chook feeder is ready to use.

If you find that any of your birds struggle to feed from the unit due to being to high, simply lower the unit by a couple of centimetres.

Unbeatable Warranty. 

 Buy with confidence. With no moving parts, glue or screws that will go rusty, our feeders will outlast the competition. The Commercial grade, UV treated PVC is made to last. You will never need to replace our feeder under normal use conditions. Dine a Chook guarantees our Chicken Feeder parts for 10 years. If your Dine A Chook feeder parts fail in this time, which they won’t, we will replace it. So long as you haven't run over it with the tractor. 

Our feeders have been and engineered for the heavy rain and tropical storms of tropical Queensland Australia. As a result, our feeders are practically all-weatherproof!