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Everything about Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms - Click Here to Buy Mealworms Now

The early bird is supposed to get the worms, but your chooks can have them at any hour when you give 10 or 12 of our dried mealworms to each hen every day. Protein is essential for young hens and egg layers. Molting occurs once a year, ceasing egg production and letting your chooks lose their old feathers. The process demands an increase in nutrients in order to produce new feathers that are 85 percent protein. Our mealworms give your hens a nutritional boost in a high protein diet.


Learning about Our Product - Click Here to Buy Mealworms Now

Not actually worms but the larva of a beetle instead, our dried product is one of the most popular treats that you can give your hens. Tossing some of them into the run is a reward for perpetual foraging. An economic benefit of choosing dried instead of live worms allows you to receive about five times as many for your dollar. Mealworms for sale at Dine a Chook give you real value.

Our 283gm pack contains approximately 8000 worms, and the 850gm pack holds five times that amount. Dried mealworms are not living creatures when they are packed, making it impossible for them to die during transport and storage and increasing your value significantly. Our 100 percent natural product contains no preservatives or additives, and you can store it for 12 months in a cool, dry space without refrigeration. A great treat with nutritious value, these worms are a superior choice.


Understanding the Diet of Mealy Worms 

In the wild, worms live under decaying leaves and logs that provide the plant-based diet that they prefer. They can burrow through organic matter to find rotted food, grains and vegetation. Occasionally, homemakers may find them ruining stored pet food, cereal, flour and other dry goods. Our meal worms receive a well monitored diet of grains, vegetables and cereals that are never blended with animal matter. We assure you that they never eat any GMOs, maintaining a quality standard that is appropriate for your birds. Our dried mealworms for sale give you an economical way to have worm treats on hand without having to cultivate them.

Analyzing the Food Value

Protein contents account for 53 percent of the food value in our dried worms, along with 28 percent fat and less than 10 percent fiber and moisture. Slight variations in the analysis may occur as a result of the age of the mealworms. Closeness to the pupae stage, the choice of drying process and the size of the worm can marginally affect the results of an analysis as well.


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Using Worms as Training Rewards

Scientists have discovered that chickens are more intelligent than one may think, and they are capable of learning tricks. Chooks can make about 25 unique sounds, and each one means something different. Watching your hens go to the spot where a grasshopper is likely to land lets you see how they use geometry. 

Experiments show that chooks learn from observing others and that they respond to rewards. The techniques that you use for training your dog are effective with your chickens. You can get them to follow you around your yard or tame them with an enticing mealworm. 

Sharing Treats with Your Menagerie

Your pampered hens get the chance to enjoy a special treat, but there are many others in the animal universe that equally appreciate them. We offer treats that satisfy wild birds as well as your pet frogs, turtles, rats, fish and sugar gliders. 

Mealworms are also great for attracting a variety of wild birds to your yard. The worms may bring you any insect-eating birds, including magpies, thrushes, finches, quail, a variety of wrens, robins and peewees. For the price of a few mealy worms, you can draw exotic or ordinary birds to your garden. Remembering that a treat is not a substitute for main food, use them sparingly, and ensure there is water available in a nearby bird bath or similar.

Choosing the Best Feeding Time

Even though nature offers an abundance of food sources, the creatures that visit your garden or feeders always enjoy finding worms. Winter presents challenges for foraging, and the summer can make the ground too hard for birds looking for a tasty worm. 

Choose a feeding method that is convenient for you. You may sprinkle mealworms on the ground so that your wild birds can forage for them. Or place them on a table for easy bird watching. Or mix the mealworms with seed in your bird feeder to provide a natural alternative when insects are too hard to find.

Feeding two or three dried worms to your pet amphibians, reptiles or mammals every other day is an adequate amount.

Rehydrating Your Treats

You may want to consider rehydrating our dried mealworms for chickens by treating them with cold pressed olive oil or with our AVC with garlic. The addition of liquid gives them the appearance of a worm that is alive. Your hens may respond more enthusiastically to one that resembles a live bug, at least until they learn to enjoy the delicious treat. Rehydrating the larva with healthy oils and liquids adds flavor and increases nutrition. Access to water is essential for your hens to compensate for the dryness of the worms.

Assuring Compliance with Import Regulations

Regulations required by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection ensure the safety of imported goods such as our meal worms. To further guarantee that you receive the highest quality product for your chooks, we have visited our supplier in China. The strict policies in effect by the Australian government and our own high standards assure you of the quality of our product. 

Benefits of Dine a Chook Worms

For convenience as well as nutrition, our dried worms are superior in every way. We appreciate your choosing Dine a Chook as your supplier, and we strive to provide the qualities of service that you deserve. The benefits of using our product include the ease of feeding dried worms instead of live ones. They remain in your feeder until a chook eats them, and they can never escape. Requiring no refrigeration, our dried mealworms never spoil. They maintain the nutritional value that makes them important to your hens’ health. We ship promptly so that your chooks can enjoy them as soon as possible.