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Dine a Chook is Certified 100% BPA-Free

Do you want to know where your food is coming from? Is that why you keep chickens? Then you also care about what your chickens eat. And how they are fed. After all, what your chickens eat becomes the eggs that you eat. 

Dine a Chook Feeders and Drinkers help protect the food that your family eats. You know that our feeders and drinkers are manufactured here in Australia. And we are proud to announce that our PVC is now certified 100 % BPA-free. That means no BPA, no lead and our feeders are guaranteed to last.

Dine a Chook feeders and drinkers are healthier for your chooks, and your family. 

Dine a Chook PVC Feeders and Drinkers are:

  • Certified BPA-free

BPA can seep into food or water and may adversely affect health. In many countries, BPA is banned in children’s products. 

Our PVC feeders and drinkers are the only ones in Australia that are certified BPA-free. That means no BPA in your chook’s diet, and no risk of it becoming part of yours through eggs or meat.




  • Lead-free

PVC was traditionally manufactured using lead or other heavy metals. While Australian-made PVC is no longer supposed to contain lead, a 2010 review found that some manufacturers were still using heavy metals. And imported PVC is even less regulated!  

Our PVC is manufactured exclusively for Dine a Chook so we know it is lead-free and made in Australia. 


  • UV treated

Poorly-made plastics degrade quickly, especially in the sun. And degrading plastics have the potential to release toxic chemicals. That’s why we UV-treat our PVC. It can stand up to even the Aussie sun for decades without degrading. 


Dine a chook feeders and drinkers are guaranteed to last

Our feeders are made to last a lifetime. What does this mean? It means no degrading which means no chemicals contaminating your chooks’ feed or water. That’s why you can rely on Dine a Chook to keep your chickens and your family healthy and safe.