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Chicken Feeders

The Best Chicken Feeder is Made By Dine A Chook

Necessity! That’s what started Dine a Chook. Frustrated with the poorly-built and unreliable feeders that simply don't work or parts that break. So our of necessity we Made our Own.  The Modern Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder has evolved into the Best on the Market. Waste Reducing, Helping to control Rodents. The Dine A Chook Waste reducing Automatic Chicken Feeders save you time as well as money. 

Every part of a Dine a Chook Feeder is a result of rigorous testing, trial as well as error. The result is a functional, purpose-built product that redefines how you feed your chickens. It was our goal to reduce wastage, minimise rodent activity. It was also our Goal to build a long-lasting chicken feeder that ultimately saves you money. Stop buying parts, Stop replacing Broken Feeders, Stop wasting food on the ground. We can assure you that if you use a Dine a Chook feeder as per our guidelines, your chicken-keeping hobby will be a pleasure, not a chore!

Buy a Dine a Chook Feeder

The only 100% Australian Made Chicken Feedersaustralian-made-owned-full-colour-logo.jpg

Fully Made and Constructed in Australia. Using Australian Parts designed to withstand the elements. We have the parts manufactured to our unique specifications in Brisbane. Our hand-build Feeders and Drinkers are constructed by Aussie-made parts in Townsville.

Want to know how many tools it takes to made Australia's most reliable feeder?

We have contracted nearly 5 tonnes of tooling equipment. That makes it possible for one of Australia’s premier injection moulding companies in Brisbane QLD to produce the specially engineered components to build Dine A Chook products. Also, unlike cheap imports, we have perfected our commercial grade UV stabilised PVC material. This means it shall stand up to the harshest conditions. As well as this, and most importantly, we guarantee our products exceed food grade standards. They are BPA free and also lead free.

Each Feeder and Drinker is Assembled in our Townsville warehouse. Quality tested before they are shipped to you. That's what it takes to ensure leak-free, long-lasting Feeders and Drinkers made in Australia. We don't make Chicken Feeders better. We make the very Best. 


Dine a Chook CEO Ryan Biggin with just some of the tooling used in our Brisbane QLD manufacting facility

5 Reasons to buy our Automatic Chicken Feeder

Our Feeder is available in two sizes, featuring time-and-money-saving innovations that the competitors wish they had:

  1. A built in Rain Cover, not an additional part.

  2. Hooks that are moulded into the body, not screwed on, and then sealed with messy silicone.

  3. A lid with a carry handle

  4. No moving parts or rusting screws

  5. Rodent Resistant - Keeps the feed high and dry

What is the Best Chicken Feeder?

Less food waste. No water-damaged feed. Fewer rodent problems. Take a close look if you’re shopping around. These are just some of the features which you will appreciate. Avoid making costly mistakes. Buy the right product the first time. Don’t just take our word for it though, there are literally thousands of customers worldwide that will confirm this. You can read some of the wonderful testimonials here.

Chicken Drinkers that ensure hydration is never compromised

When you buy a Chicken Drinker from Dine a Chook, you are also buying years of poultry hydration. Like our feeder, our drinkers are built to ensure that your birds have a clean water supply without the problems that are all too common with many home made or cheaply manufactured drinkers. No algae, no leaks or drips. We even up-grade the commercial standard drinker drip cups with our own float for a more efficient system!

With minimum ongoing maintenance required, you can be assured of a long-lasting drinker that will provide years of hassle free operation. Take a look at the following link regarding maintenance. We keep 6 year old cups performing as new just by following this simple procedure.

Lubing Cups or Nipples? 

Our Drinkers can be adapted to suit your needs. Lubing Cups and Drinker Nipples of the highest commercial standard are available. These are the one component of our system that does not meet our high standards, if purchased in Australia, and therefore these Cups and Nipples come from Lubing, Germany, the world-leaders in poultry hydration systems. 

We recommend Lubing Cups for all systems requiring refilling. Lubing Nipples, which are the industry standard and hydrating tens of millions of Chickens around the world, may be preferred if the drinker system is connected to mains water. We also now offer a Horizontal Nipple ,which is another excellent addition the Dine a Chook range especially for colder climates as they perform very well in freezing conditions.

Our Warranty Conditions Cannot Be Beaten! You get a lifetime guarantee on our chicken feeders and drinkers

Buy with confidence. With no moving parts, glue or screws that will go rusty, our feeders and drinkers will outlast the competition. And with commercial grade, UV treated PVC, longevity is assured. You will never need to replace our feeder under normal use conditions. All parts of the Dine a Chook Chicken Feeder and drinker are guaranteed to last 10 years. Should the parts fail in this time, which they won’t, we will replace it. Cups and Nipples carry their own separate warranty of 12 Months, but with proper maintenance they will last for years as well. Ours are 6 years old and still going strong.