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Buy parrot food in Townsville

Dine a Chook cares about all of your feathered friends. And it's not just pet shops in Townsville that stock specialised parrot feed mixes. Now you can buy parrot food in our Townsville store. Lauke Mills Black Parrot feed range is designed to meet birds’ needs and comes in a pelletised form.


Why is a specialised parrot food better? 


Our premium Black Parrot Feed mixes are scientifically-formulated to ensure your birds are getting exactly what they need. They also have added turmeric and fish oil for improved nutrition. A balanced diet helps birds thrive, improving health, liveliness and growth. And good nutrition can also lead to better outcomes when breeding. 


Black Parrot Feeds are pelletised. With a pelleted feed, parrots get a complete range of balanced nutrients, meaning better health and performance. Birds that have mixed-grain feeds are not eating a balanced diet. They regularly pick out only the seeds or grains that they like, meaning they are not getting everything that they need. Just like chickens, parrots usually have better nutrition when fed a pelletised feed. 


Black Parrot Feeds stocked by Dine a Chook in Townsville


The Black Parrot range of parrot foods are nutritionally-balanced and supplemented with a range of essential vitamins and minerals. They contain turmeric and fish oil for improved health and are pelletised or crumbed to prevent selective feeding. These feeds contain no added colours or flavours. 




Black Parrot Small Bird Food

  • In a small crumble form to eliminate selective feeding

  • Suitable for most small, grain-eating birds including finches, canaries, small parrot breeds (cockatiels, budgies, parakeets etc), doves and native pigeons

  • A complete diet 

  • Contains a range of vitamins and minerals for breeders, specifically chosen to improve fertility and performance 

  • Designed to maintain the high metabolism of small birds


Black Parrot Breed and Grow 18%

  • 2.7 mm diameter micro-pellets suitable for both large and medium birds

  • 18% protein, high-energy blend 

  • Helps maintain weight and condition

  • Specifically-formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of breeding and growing birds

  • Provides a balanced range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals

  • A complete diet

  • Suitable as a conditioning feed for birds suffering from stress or nutritional problems


Black Parrot Adult 15 %

  • 4 mm diameter pellets suitable for adult parrots

  • A 15 % protein blend

  • Ideal as a maintenance feed for most pet parrots, preventing issues such as malnutrition and obesity

  • Designed to meet the nutritional requirements of adult birds

  • Also suitable for breeding birds

  • Provides a complete diet

  • Supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals


Black Parrot Chews 17 %

  • Large nuts, a novelty treat for parrots to play with and chew on

  • 17 % protein

  • A general maintenance and breeder food

  • Formulated with added vitamins and minerals

  • Meets the nutritional requirements of adult birds

  • A complete diet or ideal novelty addition to a diet of Black Parrot Adult, Black Parrot Breed and Grow or Black Parrot Small Bird Food


Come into the Townsville store today to get your Black Parrot feed, or order for delivery to the Townsville area.