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Rodent Control for Mice and Rats

Controlling Rats and Mice in a Coop must be done correctly or it can kill your Chickens. There are three ways to ensure an almost Rodent Proof Chicken Coop. Use a Dine A Chook Chicken Feeder which stops Chickens raking food on the ground. Use a Pellet mix instead of a Scratch mix. This stops Chickens selectively eating, so less feed ends up on the ground. Then, use RatShot.  RatShot with Difenacoum is the number one way to get rid of Rats.  Made to be low in toxicity to Poultry and Hens. It is also safer to use around Live Stock as well as Pets and other Birds. Safe to use in Commercial, Agricultural and Domestic Situations. 

Rat Shot - The Safest and Best Way to Get Rid of Rats.